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Comment Re:I'm old (Score 1) 330

That should also give you the privilege to switch it off and be out of reach when you're not at work/outside office hours. You could even leave it at your work site when you leave for the day. (If you do have a "site", that is; I don't know what kind of work you do. Since you have a work cell phone you may be in the field, I guess.)

Comment Re:Food pill (Score 1) 317

For development countries it would be great (the end of hunger), but eating a well prepared meal in good company is an experience I wouldn't want to live without. There are also mechanisms in your digestive system that requires you to chew your food to get the processes started. This is (from what I've read once upon a time) one of the reasons chewing gum is supposed to be a bad idea - tricking your system into thinking it's getting food. It can (I also read somewhere) be used to prevent gaining weight. If you chew your food more carefully it takes more time to eat a certain amount of food, but your body "feels full" after about 20 minutes of eating, sp chewing more makes you eat less in the time it takes you to get your fill. Never tried it, though; I was dealt a lucky hand of genes on that account.

Comment Email, but that is now totally ruined! (Score 3, Informative) 221

I used to like email best, but since everybody seems to be top-posting these days I find it rather useless. :-( I find it tedious to have to sift through literally hundres of lines of headers and footers and quotes to get the info I need; especially if I wasnt involved in the thread from the start. Not to mention when we get a mailthread as a problem report in our support system. Those cases instantly get an extra half hour worktime logged to them!

I don@t really see the need to quote the mail at all if youre going to top-post. I mean; who has a mail software that doesn@t support threads these days? I don@t need the whole conversation listed in every mail.

So from the bottom of my heart: F**K TOP-POSTING!

Comment Re:50/50 (Score 2) 566

Look to Norway for incentives for buying all-electric cars: We have 0%VAT, free public parking, free passing in toll-roads and ferries, a symbolic yearly registration fee (400 NOK as opposed to ~3500 NOK for a diesel car), and electric cars are allowed to use the bus lanes. (I usually throw in that the limit before being charged for DUI is higher, but that works better when just talking to someone than when typing it. ;-) )

Charging stations (both trickle charging and fast charging) are being built all over the place, and are free to use. With the "triplets" (Mitsubishi/Citroen/Peugeot) and the Nissan Leaf we're really seeing a boost in electric cars being sold. I now own two myself, letting my family be all-electric on a daily basis. For now we're keeping the VW van for the longer trips, but as soon as there are fast-chargers between where we live and the in-laws, the VW goes.

Comment Re:Increasingly inappropriately name (Score 1) 396

At some point, we're going to have to accept that the devices we carry around with us aren't really "phones" anymore.

Exactly. Of the features on my phone that I actually use, the "phone" feature is probably the one I use the least. But I use it a lot for texting, mails, calendar/appointments, surfing and playing games.

Comment The cloud / Cloud computing (Score 1) 297

I think this is a very good candidate, as I suspect very little computing actually takes place "in the clouds". Apart from some data-transfers via satellite which may require some small amount of processing on the way (though probably not really processing on the data themselves, per se), I'd bet there is a much better chance that your "cloud computing" actually may take place in some server room in a bunker below ground level. ;-)

Comment Re:incomplete question (Score 1) 367

Oh, how I envy you! I'm currently paying the equivalent of about $125/mo for my 2/2Mbit. :-|

I DO get the 2Mbit each way, as some recent changes in law demands that users get the *actual* bandwidth they pay for, not the *theorethical* bandwidth. If the provider doesn't deliver, you can demand a discount. Because of this, some providers actually give you slightly more than what you pay for, and in some cases they don't offer the fastet deals. I.e. if you have poor copper or are far away from the DSLAM etc.

Comment Re:incomplete question (Score 1) 367

I agree! Upstream should typically be about 1/4 of the downstream speed to be reasonable, I think. If I need 20Mbit IN, It's pretty likely I'll be sending some data out as well. (Yes, most people probably use it for stealing music and movies, but some of us actually produce data as well.)

This is why I'm stuck on 2Mbit G.SHDSL, which is the fastest up speed available where I live. :-/ I could get som more download speed, but that would cost me the up speed.

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