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Comment Comcast versus ATT (Score 1) 101

In Nashville, TN. I switched from Comcast to ATT Uverse internet and my effective download speed doubled. That was about 3 years ago and I don't remember having a tier option for Comcast. I have no need for really fast downloads. The reason I switched was the frequent service outages with Comcast. Zero upload and download is intolerable. Outages are much less frequent with ATT and those outages have so far been solved by a hard reset of my modem/router. ATT has its flaws but for me in a head to head with Comcast it is the lesser bad.

Comment Re:Just Tack on a Fee (Score 1) 626

As far as I can see all traffic enforcement is about revenue generation. Everybody speeds, everybody rolls through stop signs. We do this because most of the time there is little danger in doing so. Fewer people blow through red lights because that is more dangerous. Traffic laws and policing have nothing to do with safety. We have the police and technology to assure that most of us do not speed or consistently break any other traffic laws, but if they were consistently applied the political pressure would result in a change in the laws. As it is, they give enough tickets to generate revenue without causing public outcry. I used to think it was terrible that most first encounters with the legal system was this obvious money grab under the guise of safety. As I've had more experience with our legal system as a whole, traffic enforcement looks to be a good primer.

Comment Will my Fax and Caller ID work? (Score 1) 218

In a fit of pique at Comcast bricking my Motorola modem I signed up for ATT Uverse including digital voice. Overall I've been pleased with the speed and reliability of the internet and can't say I've noticed much decreased call quality but now none of my fax equipment works and caller ID is hit and miss. Not that fax is a big deal, scan and email is much better, but some institutions require that I accept a fax. I really miss the caller ID. Both are known issues ATT seems to have no interest in fixing. maybe if everyone was last mile digital folks would finally stop faxing, or less likely, the telcos would fix it. Up time has been as reliable as POTS, much better than Comcast whose "qualified technicians" were always in need.

Comment Re:Momentum (Score 1) 123

I changed my wife from ATT/Yahoo just yesterday. She seldom uses email so when we got ATT Uverse I left here with the email address. It's been constant trouble. I was one of those who adopted Yahoo back about 2003 as a disposable email account for such things as registering software etc. and wound up using it quite a bit for its access anywhere facility. With most ISPs of that time email only worked when you were logged in on their service. I changed to Gmail about 4 years ago when all my Yahoo contacts got phished. Don't know if it was me or Yahoo. It took me three days to update my registered email address for 90% of banks and merchants. Ten per cent were unchangeable and required a new account. Changing a decades old email address is not trivial.

Comment Re:Should be legal, with caveat (Score 1) 961

Before undergoing a very high risk surgical procedure my mother, a retired nurse, gave written and verbal advanced directives to her children. She did not wake up from the anesthesia. Terminating the vent had already been agreed upon so our only decision was whether or not to comply with Mom's directive. I'm an MD with extensive experience dealing with end of life decisions. It was still hard.

Comment Wealther Insuance Company CEOs (Score 2) 786

In my first career as an engineer working in Oak Ridge in the 60's I did some contract work for NASA. We had a bit of tech they needed for a small part. We at the K-25 were amazed by the money NASA could toss around. Getting into the moon did not seem so easy or cheap while we were doing it. Now I'm a retired ER physician, most of the time in direct patient care but was also involved in managing an ER staffing corporation. I can say with certainty that if you left finding the solution to current "best experts in health care and economics" you'd wind up with even more money in the hands of health care brokers with precious little more health care delivered. I have not a clue how to improve health care delivery in the USA. The website issue is much ado about nothing. I'm no coder now but did some 40 years ago and was always impressed by how easily someone else could find my mistakes. Error trapping is hard.

Comment Re:As long as you don't count fax machines... (Score 1) 410

I replied "Within the past month" because of attempting to fax a document. One of my non profit's vendors,Cisco Webex, requested a tax exempt form by fax. None of my computers even have a modem so I dug out the manual for my multifunction printer/fax/scanner but after a frustrating hour and much Googling discovered ATT Uverse didn't like my machine. Emailed Cisco and asked if they would accept a scanned email attachment but have yet to get a reply. Then borrowed my son's usb modem and tried to fax. No luck faxing Cisco but I did use a modem in the last month. I finally used one of the internet fax services. Not a clue if it got through. Guess I'll know if taxes start showing up on our bill.

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