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Comment Re:Tell us your project? (Score 1) 578

If you are asking for help it sometimes requires offering a bit of incentive is nice. Sometimes all the incentive that's needed is an explanation of why? While there are some people who are happy to spend their time coming up with solutions to acomplish and arbitrary task just for the sake of the challenge, other people would rather not waste their time doing that if the actual problem could have been fixed in an entirely different and esier way. So it would seem that as the OP you would have more chance of getting a useful reponse if you offered some sort of backgorund. You should also consider that it might just be the case that the OP would be happy with an alternative solution to the problem if one was forth coming. Anyway, I know absolutely nothing about HArd Drives at this level so have no useful input.

Comment Re:Actually. . . (Score 1) 189

While I agree with everything you have said. To be fair to Fl, he never said that Phone Radiation was dangerous. He was simply disputing the logic of Non-ionising radiation == Safe arguement, on the grounds that there may be ways that EM radiation could cause harm other than by direct cell damage. I've no idea if he is right or not, as you pointed out he didn't backup any of his examples. But I think that he is correct in saying that just because the physics can rule out one mechanism for casuing harm, doesn't mean that there are no other ways they could cause harm to a person. And the only way of knowing that is by the sorts of scientific studies you have descibed....

Comment Re:Experimental set-up raises a few questions (Score 1) 162

Well, that might be a good explanation for the reason the short legged ants failed to arrive home. However, it doesn't explain why the artificially leg lengthened ants overshot their nest. I mean, if it were you or me, we would have seen our home and stopped, so the ants must really heavily rely on step counting.

But the ants were moved so that they would never actually reach there home. So it makes perfect sence that if the Ant got to where he thought the nest was, and it wasn't there he might carry on further. Thus explaining why he overshot. The stilts being irrelevant.

Comment Re:Unfortunate (Score 1) 800

I may be unusual then, but I still get to a lot of sites by typing the address, whether its because I know the address or I'm guessing based on the company name. I've I know the name of a company then google is usually only a backup for finding the site.
Of course, if the site name is not what I expect then I'll get there in the end with google but it'll take longer.

For me the main difference is the comparitive ease and for lower cost of buying up a whole bunch of domain names, compared with buying up actual land.

Comment Re:Unfortunately, for most people it is (Score 1) 150

This really just goes to show that you are indeed only talking about the game from your own perspective. From my own point of view the levels up to the early 20's were by far the most fun, it was only after that that I found the game started to get a bit boring, and to this day I still enjoy the ealry levels better. So the moral. I guess you just can't please all of the poeple all of the time so we're never going to get a perfect MMO that caters for everyone.

Comment Re:First swine flu, now loose-roaming black holes? (Score 2, Interesting) 254

I'm curious as to what exactly Partially Infinite means?
Just another way of saying: Not infite?
Or its not quite inifite yet, but it will be?
Or does it mean that some of it is infinte but other bits aren't?

Black holes can certainly roam. They are no different from other interstellar bodies in that respect.

Comment Padding doesn't do anything? (Score 2, Interesting) 776

"Despite pillowy-sounding names such as 'MegaBounce', all that cushioning does nothing to reduce impact. Logically, that should be obvious - the impact on your legs from running can be up to 12 times your weight, so it's preposterous to believe a half-inch of rubber is going to make a difference." Hmm. The padding in my bike gear is a lot less than the thinkness of my running shoe soles, yet I'm fairly certain that it is proven to significantly reduce impact forces. Its one thing to say that padding is not a good thing, but to suggest it does nothing seems a bit far fetched.

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