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Submission + - Mitsubishi Announce 2 New Versions Of iMiEV Electr (

Mightee writes: "Mitsubishi Motors has confirmed the launch of two new versions of its electric car, the i-MiEV, for the year 2012.

The all-electric i-MiEV lineup for 2012 has been expanded with a cheaper "M" version and an extended charge-range "G" version.

The M version is cheaper but has a lesser charge-range than the 2011 model — you will have to charge it every 120km or 75miles, compared to 2011 i-MiEV's range of 160 km or 100 miles. The i-MiEV version M will cost around 1.88 million yen or $23,199 in Japan(including subsidies) — about 1.38 million yen or $17,000 less than 2011 i-MiEV."


Submission + - Indian Govt Goes Open Source, America Should Learn (

sfcrazy writes: The government of India has prepared a draft for the "Policy on Device Drivers for Procurement of Hardware for e-Governance".

The goal of the policy is to to provide citizens with e-Governance services, which are technology-neutral, cost effective, interoperable and vendor-neutral.

Submission + - Apple store artist raided by Secret Service (

An anonymous reader writes: Artist Kyle McDonald wanted to create something that captured people’s expressions as they stared at computers. So the 25-year-old artist installed a program on computers in two New York Apple Store locations that would automatically take a photo every minute of whoever was standing in front of the computer. McDonald then uploaded the photos to his Tumblr blog, “People Staring at Computers,” made a video with the photographs, and set up “an exhibition” at the Apple stores to show what he had found.

Within days, the Secret Service, which investigates computer crimes, had raided McDonald’s house, seizing his two laptops, two flash drives and iPod.


Colliding Auroras Produce Explosions of Light 30

elyons writes "Another neat discovery has come from the lab of Larry Lyons at UCLA. As reported earlier on Slashdot, Lyons' group studies the dynamics of auroras. Their most recent discovery reveals for the first time the sequence of events leading to dramatic space-weather disturbances. Using a network of cameras deployed around the Arctic in support of NASA's THEMIS mission, they recorded over 200 instances of auroras colliding, causing brilliant displays of northern lights (see time 8:22 for such an example)."

Nine Words From Science Which Originated In Science Fiction 433

An anonymous reader writes "Oxford University Press has a blog post listing nine words used in science and technology which were actually dreamed up by fiction writers. Included on the list are terms like robotics, genetic engineering, deep space, and zero-g. What other terms are sure to follow in the future?"

Scientist Forced To Remove Earthquake Prediction 485

Hugh Pickens writes to mention that Italian scientist Giampaolo Giuliani, a researcher at the National Physical Laboratory of Gran Sasso, recently gave warning about an earthquake that was to happen on March 29th of this year near L'Aquilla. Based on radon gas emissions and a series of observed tremors he tried to convince residents to evacuate, drawing much criticism from the city's mayor and others. Giuliani was forced to take down warnings he had posted on the internet. The researcher had said that a 'disastrous' earthquake would strike on March 29, but when it didn't, Guido Bertolaso, head of Italy's Civil Protection Agency, last week officially denounced Giuliani in court for false alarm. 'These imbeciles enjoy spreading false news,' Bertalaso was quoted as saying. 'Everyone knows that you can't predict earthquakes.' Giuliani, it turns out, was partially right. A much smaller seismic shift struck on the day he said it would, with the truly disastrous one arriving just one week later. 'Someone owes me an apology,' said Giuliani, who is also a resident of L'Aquila. 'The situation here is dramatic. I am devastated, but also angry.'"

Submission + - simpleinvoices for small businesses (on LAMP)! (

cpankonien writes: "I've been testing simpleinvoices ( for the last two weeks, and it looks like there is FINALLY a...uh...simple invoicing solution now! Under active development, it is definitely usable and to quote the lead dev, Justin, "no whizzbang features you're never gonna use!" (Justin is an ex-accountant.) And best of all (for me at least) it runs on a LAMP stack. I've tried others (phpbms, vtiger) and while they did invoicing ok, there were WAY too many features that I'd never use. Simpleinvoices is just what is says...a simple invoicing system — no accounting or crm crap. just invoicing. The developers are quite accessible through the simpleinvoice forums, and very responsive. If you're looking for an invoicing system for a small business, check out simpleinvoices!"

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