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Comment Re:Sounds like he hasn't gotten the message (Score 1) 993

I don't actually see a report of a specific bug there.

The text says:

"I have an issue with journal corruptions and need to know what is the accepted way to deal with them."


but if someone were to tell me to fix that bug, I wouldn't know where to begin.

Marking this as NOTABUG is the correct course of action.

Comment Re:Changes require systematic, reliable evidence.. (Score 1) 336

What you describe is exactly how it's supposed to work. If the government wants to control the hundreds of billions of dollars of network infrastructure that private companies have invested it, it has an obligation to show that such control is the least burdensome method of achieving a compelling state interest.

A compelling government interest and least restrictive means are required for strict scrutiny, but strict scrutiny is not applicable here, because a fundamental constitutional right is not being infringed, and the companies providing the infrastructure are not a suspect class.

Legislation controlling private network infrastructure does pass both rational basis scrutiny (it is rationally related to a legitimate government interest) and intermediate scrutiny (it furthers an important government interest in a way that is substantially related to that interest).

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