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Comment Re:I find this thoroughly unsurprising (Score 2) 344

What surprises me is that they need a study to tell this. Just look around, everyone who owns a damn cell phone is using it at some point while driving. At every red light, you can see at least 1/2 driver looking at their phone. Best way to catch them: cops in buses to spot them. And best way to deter them: higher ticket price.

Comment Re:Problem is true waste is hidden (Score 1) 249

You obviously do not work for a government organization. All I can tell you is that the simple fact of changing a field name in a database or in an UI requires almost a year of meetings, emails and phone calls with tons of people. The term you use in your post, "should", is right. It should be this way. But it is not. The more complicated it is, the more obfuscated it can be kept. And that's how they want it to be.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 77

Yet I still agree with you that every small feature gets a price tag. But isn't it already the way it works? It's been like that for years. Take the ASA 5505 for example. Depending on the license level you bought, they put a limit on the number of open connections, the encryption types you can use, whether or not you can establish P2P VPN or accept incoming VPN users... These are all software limitations. I agree that they bought Meraki for their business model though, to have a "better" offer (... profit!)

Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 77

The hardware business is going stale

Software cannot run out of thin air. This is not what "Cloud" means. It's simply different hardware, or other people's hardware. In the end, you still need computing power and specialized hardware to do serious business stuff. Virtualization needs an underlying physical layer.

Comment Re:Well lets see... (Score 1) 239

I just looked on Google Images for each version of mspaint since Windows 3.1, and apart from the UI being adapted to each OS, the features have almost remained the same. I understand that it is for "painting", but basic photo editing capabilities would have been a fine addition.

Back in the days of Win3.1, digital photography barely existed. Now that digital photography is (almost) the only remaining thing and that everyone is using it daily, I think it would be normal for MS to provide some way to basically edit digital pictures. And it's not as if they could not package a fine solution for a few bucks and include it in the basic OS. MSPaint would be the right place to do it.

Comment Re:Well lets see... (Score 1) 239

3. Microsoft Paint now lets people create models in 3D.
If it's anything like Paint was for graphics then most likely I'd use something more robust instead of Paint to make 3d stuff. Assuming I have 3D stuff to make in the first place.

Before going 3D, if it could at least have the most basic filters for 2D images, like CONTRAST, LUMINOSITY and some easy stuff like auto color adjustment, ans some exotic sepia, rainbow and greyscale color transform, it would already be a good start. The fact is that the features of MSPaint have not changed since what, Windows 3.1?

Comment Re: Because most people already assume the worst (Score 0) 308

How in hell can one assume this is totally normal??? It's not because it's the third time we learn of CIA-spying stuff that the info is less... disturbing to say the least.

You imagine how the info gathered can be used? Let's say Airbus has tons of Samsung TVs, and the US sleeps with Boeing and Lockheed Martin. All this should rise the people against these spying practices. I don't know why the medias only give this news a single paragraph in their "IT News" section... This says a lot about freedom of press. Usually, journalists are utterly against spying on people. But right now they just STFU.

Disturbing. That's the word I have in mind. We are not losing the battle. We are losing the war.

Comment Re:Only $73,500? (Score 2) 227

So you think destroying the life of a grocery store worker is worth less than that of a Wall St banker?

Sorry, but the hassle of getting out of this is probably 10x worse for the low wage crowd. They often can't afford paying for an attorney, so they have a hard time even getting a proper defense.

Getting only 73,500$ for all this trouble caused here is like putting a band-aid on an open fracture.

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