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Comment Re:Good! (Score 1, Offtopic) 180

... says the World Wildlife Fund, financed by Bayer / Monsanto, Unilever, and other large companies who sit at a round table to greenwash their projects of destroying Indonesian forests and indigenous people to grow palm trees for palm oil production. Read this... and tell me this organization really cares about wildlife.

Comment Re:Perspective (Score 2) 474

Mmmmm... so you say we should stop all scientific advances until we solve all the other, more basic problems? We should concentrate the whole planet on working only to eliminate poverty?

Or maybe some of the advances we make at the top of Maslow's pyramid will someday serve the ones struggling for the bottom of it... I mean, like 3D printing. Right now, it's still a novelty, in use for a very small fraction humans. Someday, maybe it's going to be the cheapest way to have a hamburger, and our African friends will be able to have one everyday. Not that it won't cause other problems though, it it will solve one.

Also have a look at this, rethink your answer.

As the world goes forward in scientific advances, poverty recedes.

Comment Millenium tetralogy, by far (Score 1) 175

Love the approach of having a geek, socially dysfunctional girl kick the butt of the CIA or other high profile criminals / businesses with so much ease, and being so resourceful. Even though everything is not always totally realistic, I like the storyline. And I'm still looking for a way to transfer a few million from an oversea crook to my own account that I opened under a false ID too...

Submission + - Anonymous targets engineering firms in Quebec

courteaudotbiz writes: The Anonymous collective targeted engineering firms (original in French) in the province of Québec, following a political corruption scandal and a public investigation commission that led to no one being accused of anything. Engineering firms were at the heart of illegal political financing and bid rigging practices. The Anonymous collective seems to have defaced the website and replaced several articles with a political message saying that "the engineers do not deserve their ring".

Submission + - Muslim dating site hacked, 98,8% accounts said to be false

courteaudotbiz writes: A hacker that goes by the name RuBiQ has released a (silent) video of a muslim dating website he hacked. In a blog post, the hacker claims that almost 99% of all accounts are fake women accounts and that the entire site is plagued by SQL injection bugs, while the site claims to be "Fully Secure". The site also declares that " has helped Millions of Muslim singles find their match", but as the hacker said, there are only 2101 accounts in the database while 2075 are false accounts all registered with the same email address.

Submission + - Political party's videoconference system hacked, allowed spying on demand

courteaudotbiz writes: The Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ), currently head of the Quebec parliament, had its internal videoconference system hacked (Original french article) in what seems to be a default password hack. The hacker has been able to activate the cameras on-demand and could then spy on the conversations held nearby. The party's spokesman has acknowledged the breach and says they are still investigating it. The hacker said he closed the breach before leaving.

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