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Submission + - Political party's videoconference system hacked, allowed spying on demand

courteaudotbiz writes: The Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ), currently head of the Quebec parliament, had its internal videoconference system hacked (Original french article) in what seems to be a default password hack. The hacker has been able to activate the cameras on-demand and could then spy on the conversations held nearby. The party's spokesman has acknowledged the breach and says they are still investigating it. The hacker said he closed the breach before leaving.

Comment Re:Yep, it's a body transplant (Score 2) 256

I would say, before asking this question, let them fail a couple times... The first mechanical hearts had the patients survive only for a few hours. And the heart's connections are "pretty simple", compared to the head connections. We cannot even have patients recover from spinal cord injuries right now gawddammit! Let alone a head transplant, with the spinal cord "fusion" they're talking about, with all the vascular system, the respiratory / digestive parts, musculo-skeletal links...

I'll believe when I see the meatbag alive. And with a complete video of the procedure, to make sure it's not a conspiracy or something.

Comment Re:G4 is also an 8/10 (Score 1) 54

In fact, it's a good thing that they have good repairability, since you have to do it so often.

I take the greatest care with my cellphones. Never dropped it on the ground, never splashed it, always put in a good grade case. Still my old LG G4 had a broken touchscreen after 6 months for no reason. Replaced it Under warranty, then after another 8 months, it was broken for no apparent reason again. Always same symptom. Touch actions get flaky, then stop working at all.

As my Korean colleague pointed it to me, LG is the cheap brand. Samsung is the good one. Just as Kia sells crap and Hyundai good cars. Now totally happy with my S6 Edge.

Lesson: Stay away from LG.

Comment Re:Inaccurate headline (Score 1) 100

The part that is inaccurate is " fight against illegal gaming sites".

There is nothing "illegal" with these sites. They simply do not pay their Pizzo to the government of Québec, and it frustrates them, so they instigate fear in players so they think they're doing something illegal by playing on these sites. These sites have a license to operate, that can be from Curaçao, Cyprus, Panama or even Kahnawake (located in the province of... QUEBEC!), and they are not considered illegal, even by the laws of Canada.

The Canadian law basically says that "It is forbidden to run a Casino (or other games of chance business) on Canadian soil, except if you hold a license to do so". This licensing power is delegated to provinces, and the Government of Québec is using this power for itself. It is not, in any way, considered illegal to PLAY in a casino for a Canadian. This means that Canadians have the right to play in any casino they want. You just cannot run one from INSIDE the country.

Moreover, the telecommunications are regulated by the CRTC in Canada (a federal organism). Their first rule for the Internet is NET NEUTRALITY. This bill would clearly violate that rule.

Submission + - Online raffle site open sources its main functions (worldsnextbillionaire.com)

courteaudotbiz writes: To demonstrate the fairness of their raffle website and shut the mouth of those who say that it's a scam, The World's Next Billionaire raffle website just open sourced its main website functions. Their PHP functions to draw prizes, create tickets and compute statistics have just been made available on their website and on their Facebook page. They permit full usage of their code as long as the devs using it place a backlink to their website to give them credit for the code. They also display what appears to be a gambling site licence.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 102

You seriously have absolutely no idea how trademarks work?

Absolutely none. IANAL and am not interested by this trademarks/patents/industrial design crap. I just don't care. But I think it's disgusting that someone claims property on a phrase commonly used everywhere, from TV shows to tech presentations. Or even worse on a single word. Damn, isn't an English dictionary some form of "prior art"?!?

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