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Comment Re: Internet Rape (Score 0) 547

How did you guys get so brainwashed? None of this makes any sense from an analytical perspective. Have you considered that maybe "the enemy" isn't really your enemy, and maybe they're telling the truth about the media manipulating the masses, and maybe the media has more control over your own opinions than you'd like to admit?

Comment Re: "We're" loosing it? (Score 0) 444

To be fair, Pizza gate wasn't fake news, it was an _inquiry_ into unexplained emails released by Wikileaks. No one wanted it to be true, they just wanted it investigated because no one was. That's not the same as actively reporting unfounded false-hoods about a presidential candidate because he disagrees with your politics.

Comment Re: Good ones can do both. (Score 1) 456

Culture is far more complicated than open/accepting and closed/xenophobic. I don't even think that's an actual point of conflict. These cause culture conflicts:
* A woman's place in society
* Who you're allowed to have sex with
* Whether you believe in human rights
* Whether you believe in big or small government
* Your political wing (ie left/right socialist/capitalist)
* What your religion is
* Whether your religion tells you to behead other religions

Comment How was he wronged? (Score 2) 513

If you can't meet the requirements a specific job needs, the employer has a right to not hire you or to fire you. Promises of work-life balance are subjective, and it's up to the employer to decide their policy. It's up to the employee to decide whether or not they like the company. It's definitely not up to the government to decide. I feel bad for the guy, but he hasn't really been wronged. He might have a case, though, if he can show damages from thinking he had a job, and lost time looking for another job.

Comment Re: The Sun does Science (Score 1) 296

Sorry from outside the US where the media is more honest and less partisan it is 100% clear that Russia did hack and attack the Democratic party side extensively. Also know your facts - the biggest liars of all are Fox. Fox is owned by Murdoch, a global media manipulator and enemy of democracy.

First, your media only knows what our government and media tell them about this issue. Even if they were honest for a change, you can never be 100% sure where a hack came from. Second, whoa, you think your media is honest about issues that affect them? How is brexit? This propaganda about the Russians is going to affect you guys just as much as us if we go to war.

To say Fox is the biggest liar just means you don't know your side lies to you too. All of corporate media is implicated. CNN, ABC and others were caught red handed, but clearly Fox is playing for the same team when it comes to the overlord's interests.

Comment Re: Security Leak! (Score 1) 135

Actually, we KNOW that Putin is funded by Trump, Koch et al.

What? No we don't. There are only wild accusations coming from corporate media based on outlandish speculations about his motivations. If you knew about half of ways corporate has betrayed our trust in recent years, you would have seen right through all the Russian propaganda they've been spewing.

NO ONE thinks he is our friend

Trump? He's a lot of people's friend. If you don't know anyone who voted for him, then you're living in a walled garden of political perspective. You need to get to a free speech zone.

As for Soros funding enemies...name them! Uh... BLM, the post election rioters, other groups that like burn the American flag. Soros has a long history of political interests, and he was never a fan of america's capitalist ideals.

And "Obama not a citizen" is definitely FAKE news, no matter where you got the lie (hint, the liar takes the White house on Jan 20)

Sure, that is false news (or fake news w/e), but that's okay. When you have a lot of different media outlets, they hold each other accountable. Who's been holding the MSM accountable while they flagrantly run standard journalistic practices into the dirt? Alternative media -- that's who. The very ones they're calling "fake news" and trying to get shut down so they can go back to controlling the information like it was before the internet. We're not getting a liar in the whitehouse, bro. Not of great significance. What we did was dodge a compulsive liar who got caught with her hand in the cookie jar, tried to silence the person who caught her, then made a big deal about her opponent being a liar before everyone hears what she did.

Comment Re: I got an idea (Score 1) 110

I'm trying to figure out what you think is so wrong about that article. You are aware there is nothing racist about it, right? The confederate flag represents state's rights to most people, as opposed to a powerful centralized Federal government.

There's nothing wrong with that article. Breitbart is a target because social justice activists are afraid of what they're saying, and all they know how to do is scream racism and harassment.

Comment Re: The Sun does Science (Score 1) 296

But this is a foreign nation which has blamed America for its woes and has had a grudge against America going back decades. Also this was a direct attack against the US electoral system using highly refined and targeted hacking and propaganda. In times when the US was a much stronger country that would have been seen as an act of war. I doubt there is actually any direct connection between Trump and Putin, Putin is probably hoping Trump will do as much damage to America, and its democracy and economy as possible. Putin may well have disastrously miscalculated there, either for himself or the world. Lets face it no one really knows what Trump will do. He cant remotely fulfil all the promises he's made through because they flatly contradict each other. You see through the boldfaced propanda of Trump being in bed with Russia, but you think there's merit to the story that Russia hacked our election? Did you believe the story that Trump was going to start a war with Russia, that Julian Assange was working with Russia, or that the "fake news" (alternative media) has anything to do with Russian interests? Our propagandists don't even try to hide themselves anymore. They've finally been caught deliberately lying to us left and right, and they expect us to eat this up too. The truth is there is no real evidence of Russia hacking our election. However, we do know that George Soros provided the software for hundreds of electronic voting machines. We know that the DNC was conspiring to commit voter fraud. Heck, Obama publicly advised illegal aliens to vote.

Putin isn't hoping Trump will eff up America (he knows Hillary would do that better). Putin is looking out for Russia's self-interest, and he's scared to death of the impending war. He gave a speech pleading to the American, saying he doesn't know how to get through to us, our media tells us nothing. That never made the media either. Putin just wants the candidate that promised to make a deal with Russia over the one that promised to go to war with them.

I can't tell you everything the MSM has lied about, all I can do is tell you is to find a free speech zone, and start looking for privately owned, noncorporate alternative media outlets. Slashdot doesn't count.

Comment Re: The Sun does Science (Score 1) 296

You think the Republican Party knows what's best for America either? Trump disavowed them for a reason. Our whole system is effed up, not just the dems. You think I'm only talking about CNN when I say media? I'm talking about all of corporate media. Not even Fox can be trusted. Legacy media shut Ron Paul out of the 2016 election, but they were unbelievably brazen with their deliberate violation of basic journalistic standards and trust in 2016. They finally lost, though. They're losing control of the message to free internet media. Now they're hypocritically starting a war on "fake news" without missing a beat.

These are facts. They are out in the open for everyone to see who looks. If you heard anything different, it came straight from corporate media and the Democratic Party. Good luck catching up on everything you missed these last few months without a peep from your trusted media sources.

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