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Comment Re:Implement locally? (Score 1) 145

I would add robocalls from schools. whenever school is going to be cancelled or delayed the school robocalls all parents to let them know. This happens hours (8 to 10 sometimes) Before it shows up on any lists on the school websites or local news. Each time we get a robocall from the school it has been from a different number (non local)

Comment What does it come with (Score 1) 215

Usually to offset losses when selling cheap windows laptops the manufacturers get paid to install all kinds of bloatware and other stuff that takes hours to remove from the machine (some consumers are unable to do this themselves) Will this come with that? Also isnt the reason people buy chromebooks is because all your files and settings are in the cloud. You just log in and every thing is as youd want it to be?

Comment Re:damm all that pesky regulation (Score 1) 218

Yeah the cab industry pays is fair share of taxes right? Thats why its remained a cash business in a world where less and less people use cash because they cook the books hide profits and only report a and pay taxes on a FRACTION of what they make... well except when theyre laundering money ;)

Comment The taxi industry hates regulations (Score 1) 218

Lets get this out of the way right now the industry HATES regulations they are constanly complaining about them and finding loopholes and other means to avoid them. The ONLY time they like regulations is when they can use them as a tool to stick it to startups to keep the status quo. Alot of people are citing safety.... using safety and taxi in the same sentence must be a joke right? Do you really think half of these cabs on the road would REALLY pass a state inspection? do you really think they "pass" any of the other inspections they get? Most of the time one vehicle is presented for inspection out of a fleet. Why because the people paid to inspect them are LAZY and its more profitable for them not to inspect them all ;)

Comment The MS strategy (Score 1) 379

This is similar to miscorsofts desktop operating system strategy. They release something and see how the consumer reacts( me, vista, win8) Then come along with a bunch of "fixes" and get them to buy a new os again a short time later. The strategy here is to allow leaks about the console and see how consumers react and come up with "fixes" ie. they see how far they can push you and step back just enough that youll take it. I bought my son the 360 because it seemed relatively cheap compared to the ps3 back then But we had to buy a wifi adapter hard drive etc ended up costing the same in the end just no blue ray. This time around i think we will go with the ps4 and if they have similar used game strategy then we will go without either.

Comment Not a smart move (Score 1) 978

How would the people paying for the ads know that half their users are blocking it? Oh wait they tell the world via a post their website. Gee i wonder if the advertisers are going to want to pay them anymore. Adblockers dont allow the content (ads) to download to your computer why dont we have smarter adblockers that download them to a sandbox and immediately destroy them giving them the impression that we are seeing them? And our browsers should NEVER let websites know we are even running these plugins EVER

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