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Comment Re:Robot soldiers more civilian friendly than huma (Score 1) 180

You don't see robots engaging in a My Lai-type massacre.

They also wouldn't commit atrocities against civilians, wonton destruction, killing livestock, rape, beatings, etc. Robots won't rape and pillage.

Of course they wouldn't, why would you release the whole feature set at once?! What kind of long term value are you giving to shareholders? V1 identifies targets and shoots, the 1.5 upgrade (which is really a bufix) is free to certain level customers but a small (50% of entire robot price) to everyone else. V2 will commit SOME atrocities, but there will be atrocity incompatibility with other models. No upgrade, just have to buy new. Robot Infinity (break away from model numbers for marketing, even though firmware says V3 all over the non-secure telnet command prompt with default password of 0000) will have coordinated atrocity mode (so it can work with drones and other automated craft to just atrocitize EVERYTHING! ALL NEW VERSION!!!) Finally, livestock killing (enemy supply elimination mode) and beatings (enemy non-lethal submission) and rape (enemy supporter kinetic repetition mode) all come after Robot version Infinity^2 fails and they hurry up and rush windows 7 errr Robot 7 out the door that finally does everything that previous robot versions have been promised they will do for years. Don't even get me started on Robot Server: "Robot Server makes administrating robots easy by making everything point and click GUI and no more scripts and command lines! That's why we're better than Robot *nix and competitor x!" Robot Server 2008+ "GUI is dumb, command shell robot administrating is the way to go! Scripts where one command updates a 2000 robots! No more selecting and clicking! No more security support for Robot XP, if those go off killing people from lack of security updates, hey, you should have upgraded, even if your robot did all the raping and pillaging you needed."

Comment Way to "save" the economy (Score 2) 698

1) China supposedly destroys most pc's (and servers), we have our pants down. Insurance companies probably say not paying over terrorism clause but government stops that with "executive order" 2) i go on a hiring spree and sell more PC's than i can make, as does everyone else 3) service sector goes nuts installing and re-updating infrastructure 4) even homeless drunks with no skills can unwrap keyboards and set out system units for more skilled people 5) people get short-lived (1-2 years) but paying jobs and training 6) I make tons of money and blow it on strippers, houses, cars, and whatever i can think of, putting it back into the economy 7 most every small and medium business makes out on this deal. Sure, some insurance companies go bankrupt, but it would trigger some much needed liquidity oversight in that industry. THANK GOD YOU STOPPED ALL THAT!

Comment Re:what about freeze tag? (Score 5, Funny) 336

"You can't touch anyone, but feel free to shoot rubber bands at them AS LONG AS THE RUBBER BAND ISN'T TOUCHING THEM BEFORE LEAVING YOUR FINGER! THEN YOU'RE TOUCHING THEM! Refer to chart in appendix C for minimum rubber band engagement distances." This will also end the age old game of "Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!"

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