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Comment Re:9.1 (Score 1) 1009

The whole ribbon concept still needs to be revisited. It looks like random chaotic shit. Lots of random buttons loosely grouped and unsorted with no easy way to find all potential uses. There is no consistency in size, position or layout. It is a design abortion only brought to term by the level of disfunction at Microsoft.

Redoing the menu bar isn't a horrible idea, but the ribbon was not a good implementation of the idea.

Comment Re:Skewed summary (Score 1) 489

I would be highly curious to see this scalled by years of US residency among latinos. I know a number had not been in the US for their whole schooling carreer and while they were catching up (I know a number took AP spanish for example), there were not many in the AP tracks for most classes. It also assumes that the availability of AP classes is constant across all schools. My high school didn't have AP computer science for example. We had classes for almost every other AP class, but not CS (or BC calc until the year after I graduated).

Part of the issue is that people on the AP track started in 9th grade, as we generally did two years in the subjects. So honors bio -> AP Bio, honors chem -> AP chem, etc.

Comment Realistically (Score 3, Insightful) 182

Chances are that there are no providers that offer a true 99.999% uptime. If you demand that, you need to be building your code to run in a HA cluster with nationwide dispersion. (For reference, you get 5.25 minutes of downtime across a whole year).

99.999% uptime is also completely unnecessary, but sounds really good to management until you talk cost.

Comment Re:Town centers (Score 1) 193

What are some of the examples of the businesses in the town centers? As most of those not already killed by Walmart may be mostly immune. Clothing stores are going to survive until we all join our Robot Overlords and everybody is the same size. Most other places exist because of a social reason.

I must also say that it isn't like Amazon will manage to do this in anything other than huge metropolitan areas, and I think the biggest losers will be the big box stores that killed the interesting shops already.

Sure, it might manage to do what only a union managed: kill a Walmart. This is a good thing.

Comment Re:Not a troll on the surface. (Score 0) 147

If I were using the technology for non-personal use? I would probably have to chat with a lawyer, as this is the kind of thing with teeth.

Apple and Samsung do actually make things, and they import, and they sell. Your analogy is quite off-base in asserting that a person would be hit under this for the same reason that the Apple vs. Samsung judgement didn't include 10million John Does who had purchased the device.

Comment Re:Probably not. (Score 1) 175

It is also significantly more expensive, and (like mainframes) suffers from gray-hair syndrome: there are very few opportunities for someone fresh out of college to have any experience with the platform and a lot of the people who currently support the systems are starting to look at retirement. I wish I had firm numbers, as this anacdotal as it is just personal experience and reports from the mainframe guys I work with, but everywhere I have worked is actively getting rid of Solaris in part because it isn't part of their standard build due to cost.

It isn't the end of the platform, but it will get increasingly expensive and esoteric.

Comment Re:I love working with PV cells (Score 1) 477

Ironically, the military does spend money on the development of alternative energy, as it reduces their dependence on supply lines or sources that can easily be cut. I don't think the military has a doubt about what would happen if OPEC shut down production in protest over something. While we would eventually take over their countries (to help the rebels fighting against a tryannical rule), it could come at a very painful time.

Comment Re:Timing... (Score 1) 262

The only healthcare system that is that affordable is what happens in Africa: you let people die. Oh, you got appendicitus? Do you have ten-thousand dollars on you? Oh, sorry I guess you will have to use our dying room out front by the grate.

Someone has to be able to pick up for when something unexpected occurs. The hospitals can't magically start charging the same for a flu-shot and a 10 hour operation to save a car-accident victim. Almost anyone can afford the latter, while less than ten percent of the population could afford the latter (real costs, you have 3 nurses, 2 doctors, the support staff, the person who cleans the OR, and all the supplies needed). The only way this works out for society is that someone has to calculate the risk, calculate the bet, and be there when something unexpected happens.

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