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Comment Re:Meanwhile... (Score 1) 196

So, phrased differently, 3 different operating systems, developed by the same company, are so hostile to each other that a team from the very same company had to put a lot of efforts to make a simple demo portable on those systems ? And they are celebrating for that ? Looks like a demonstration of an epic failure from my point of view... And on the other hand, different teams from different companies and organizations are doing this all the time for decades ( can't count the number of projects compiling on all the GNU/Linux flavors, BSD's and basically any vaguely POSIX system around )

Comment Re:Which will win? (Score 4, Interesting) 155

I don't think Chrome OS is a good thing for desktop Linux. Who will develop for an OS on which you can't install any applications ? Commercial vendors won't target Chrome OS / Linux, they will target the web browsers, and that won't have any impact on the "monoculture" problem of the desktop.

Comment Re:Reducing emissions does nothing (Score 1) 316

Let's use a (bad) human analogy... Earth is like someone smoking, drinking alcohol, and eating junk food for ages. Of course someone like that will face some health problems sooner or latter. We are here. Now, there are these obvious alternatives: 1/ Stop smoking and drinking, get a good diet, do some sport. ( = cut CO2 emissions) or 2/ Continue with the same life-style and take tons of drugs to counter the negative effects of it. (= geo-engineering) The second solution may work for a while, but on the long run it just doesn't work, period. the only sane alternative is: 3/ Adopt a sane lifestyle AND use a moderate amount of drugs to help a little bit to go back into the limits. So, geo-engineering can't be a long-term solution.

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