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Comment Re:Pipeline protests make no sense (Score 1) 203

No, that's fair. They have every reason to organize and act against the placement of this pipeline due to our history.

I was noting that rather than the rhetoric against pipelines in general, we should be examining how to make our best method of fossil fuel transportation fit for purpose.

Comment Re:Pipeline protests make no sense (Score 1) 203

Nothing is perfect but rail is objectively safer.

You suggest that there are pipeline leakages. There must be but surely this becomes an oversight/maintenance problem.

The oil still has to move from A -> B. Trains/Trucks have far more risk than pipelines.

If you want to abstain from usage, fine. But until you do, you need your fix to get to you.

It would be the height of hypocrisy to type on your plastic keyboard on your electric computer in your heated home and pretend to be against fossil fuels.

Comment Re: Handset maker is only half the battle (Score 1) 162

As much as I am not a fanboi, this was where Jobs was really good. Ramming through entrenched interests to get what he wanted. Apple forced the carriers not to bundle crapware and repackage the OS, a side effect of that is that they can push their updates promptly. Google didn't and the carriers still hold the keys to the devices, to our detriment.

Comment Re:"What Difference Does It Make?!?!?!" (Score 1) 704

There is no such person that could 'soundly beat him' because most people just vote party line with little more concern than the D or R. You can see this on both sides but primarily R has nominated somebody who stands against much of what everything the party has said for the last couple dozen years and yet, the vast majority of people, the media and the party machinery mostly just fell into line behind him.

Comment Handset maker is only half the battle (Score 1) 162

The vendor is only half the battle (well, one third). Now that google is putting out monthly updates, even users of handset makers that push them along monthly (Samsung) don't usually get the updates. The carrier is also involved. So unless all three, google, Samsung and, say, vodafone, all move the patches along, there is going to be a huge lag in getting these devices patched. Sooner or later, somebody isgoing to take good advantage of this hole. I can only hope it doesn't hurt too bad.

It only makes sense b/c, really, we all wait with bated breath for the fantastic bloatware apps that _need_ to be installed to certify it for the provider's network.

Comment Re:I'm not renewing prime this year... (Score 1) 79

I had a similar thing where I sold an item and the buyer didn't like it. I said fine, send me the item and I will refund but they just complained to paypal and got their money refunded while they still had the item. I had no recompense. Pissed me off enough to make me avoid paypal as much as possible for the last 15 years though.

Comment Re:Single sign on is a pita (Score 1) 79

Can anyone please tell me how to break single sign on on android?

It isn't really hard. sign out and click the link below sign on that says 'sign on as a different user'.

Why do I know? I have two accounts w/ the same username and different passwords that amazon wouldn't combine for me. somehow when my first kindle was bought it didn't go in under the same account. Real pita but I had bought a bunch of kindle books before I realized the problem and have ended up keeping the two accounts since. Wasn't a problem they combined single sign on on android but they fixed the problem shortly there after.

What kind of WTF in the user management allows two accounts w/ the same username is a mystery to me.

Comment Re:Outdoor (Score 1) 466

Presumably he was talking about 'white gas' that people used to use to start fires when camping. presumably there were other uses too but the only things I ever heard about were near misses of similar cases as above.

Comment Re:Not embeddable devices, smartphones (or watches (Score 1) 124

Gah, i am so disappointed in slashdot. comments like the parent are why i come here. Somebody who spends their time thinking about an interesting problem and is willing to share some of that background. Instead of discussion we get people complaining about ... anything.

Anyway, thanks for the post. I like the way you are thinking and I love the idea of 'as secure as necessary'. I can see a future where my phone decides when it is still with me based on the myriad of data it collects (and helpfully shares) and unlocks my house as I get near (unless I mumble a 'kidnapped' signal in which case it should drop the machine guns and kill the bad guys trying to force their way in with me... B)

tbh, the steps to get there don't seem that far off either. I spent a bit of time trying to think of 'real' road blocks but i was able to dismiss most of them outside of time and money it would take to replace everything w/ an integrated version.

That of course assumes somebody wins a standard war and is able to push through a standard protocol for the authorization levels which the various apps and IoT vendors support. Which also needs someobdy to solve the patching problem on these IoT devices (which will hopefully allow us to move toward a solution to the security problem). gah, i was getting optimistic for a second there...

Kidding aside, I would like to explore this more. Any podcasts/blogs you recommend in this space?

Comment Re:Yes. What do you lose? But talk to lawyer first (Score 1) 734

^This. The first few years I lived abroad I had a company sponsored tax accountant file for me. I was being paid in dollars, living in another country, ok I figured it was complex because of that. Now i have a local job and tried to file my taxes myself. Nothing fancy, no day trading or self employment. Just a middling tech job. When I tried to fill teh forms based on the older returrns, while I could follow what numbers went into which forms, figuring out which forms I would need was non trivial. I could not find any level of assurance that I was complying w/ the relevant statutes. So, back to 500$+ for a tax attorney. Even my 'simplified' returns are 80 pages. I call bullshit or non compliance on anybody who says this is easy.

tl;dr, US citizenship = 500$/year tax.

I did get my children US citizenship. The world will be a very uncertain place in the coming years. The US may get its shit together or it may not but I certainly see a subset of outcomes for this planet where hiding in the country w/ big guns will be advantageous.

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