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Monkeys Exhibit the Same Economic Irrationality As Us 254

grrlscientist writes "Laurie Santos is trying to find the roots of human irrationality by watching the way our primates make decisions. This video documents a clever series of experiments in 'monkeynomics' and shows that some of the stupid decisions we make are made by our primate relatives too."

Submission + - Jackie Chan the New Mr. Miyagi? (

krhunt21 writes: "Jackie Chan is in final negotiations to star in the upcoming remake of The Karate Kid, Variety reports. Chan would take the role of Mr. Miyagi, the martial arts mentor made famous by Pat Morita. Jaden Smith, fresh off his starring role in another remake (The Day the Earth Stood Still), will play Miyagi's pupil. The film will retain the original's focus on a boy who learns to stand up to his bullies with the aid of an unconventional mentor. Chris Murphy is set to pen the screenplay, while Harald Zwart — whose Pink Panther 2 hits theaters February 6 — will direct. Chan built his reputation as an action star in Hong Kong in the '80s and '90s, crossing over to America with the smash 1998 hit, Rush Hour. He continued to display his martial arts expertise in two more Rush Hour films, as well as Shanghai Noon, Shanghai Knights, The Tuxedo and The Medallion. Known for doing most of his own stunts, he will next appear in The Spy Next Door."

Submission + - Obama Inauguration to Hit Theaters (

krhunt21 writes: "MSNBC and Screenvision have struck a deal to air the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama in 27 movie theaters across the nation, the Hollywood Reporter says. The participating theaters are even allowing prospective audiences a free viewing of the event (tickets are available at in an attempt to boost midday traffic. "We want to reach people we've never reached before," MSNBC President Phil Griffin said. "We're going to do numerous things like that to get our name out there. Ubiquity is the name of the game in 2009." Though MSNBC won't go high definition until the spring, both the news channel and Screenvision promised a high quality broadcast. Screenvision has maintained an alternative programming division since 2007 which has screened New York Mets baseball games and operas, among other events, through movie theaters. MSNBC approached them last year about carrying the inauguration."

Submission + - Circuit City to close down ALL Stores (

ShadowHywind writes: The nation's second-largest consumer electronics retailer filed for bankruptcy in November and initially closed 155 retail outlets in an attempt to get its roughly $2 billion debt under control. Just a week ago, Circuity City announced it was in talks for a sale with two "highly interested" parties. After the talks broke down, the company said, it had no choice but to liquidate all remaining merchandise and shut its doors. The rest of the store can be found

Submission + - Move Over Potter, Duke Develops Invisibility Cloak (

CWmike writes: "Harry Potter has nothing on the researchers at Duke University, who say they're getting close to developing an actual invisibility cloak. The researchers say their latest creation is more sophisticated than a more simple cloaking prototype they developed back in 2006. The new one, they noted, uses a new series of algorithms and composite materials called metamaterials. The magic, according to Duke, lies in the ability of the metamaterials to guide electromagnetic waves around an object and enable them to emerge on the other side as if they had passed through nothing but air. 'The new device can cloak a much wider spectrum of waves — nearly limitless — and will scale far more easily to infrared and visible light. The approach we used should help us expand and improve our abilities to cloak different types of waves.,' said David R. Smith, a researcher in Duke's Electrical and Computer Engineering department."

Submission + - Windows 7 Strong Arms Users to Windows Live. (

twitter writes: "Reports, such as this are starting to trickle in about preference strong arming in Windows 7:

I had decided to go to customize the preferences Guess what! The Windows Live stuff is still recommened in every box that pops up afterward! it doesnt want you to use google search. It doesnt want you to use maps with google or yahoo. This started to just get plain Silly as all I could do was to keep myself from deleting the IE8 executable from the computer and not leave any marks on that nice computer.

It seems as if the next version of Windows will be even more customer hostile than previous versions. Compare to the Mozilla way."

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