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Comment Memories? Yes. Fond? Hmmmm.... (Score 1) 211

Back in the mid-90s I worked with a chap who was an OS/2 fanboy. We just started rolling out PCs in our IT department to replace the XWindows terminals we were using to support our UNIX estate, which if I recall correctly was comprise of one DG UNIX box. I gave it a go and thought the multitasking was novel, running multiple instances of Solitare in auto play. I remember that you could also run Windows apps but first had to install Windows 3.11 inside OS/2. It was the first OS I used to surf the web and IBM were continually releasing updates to the OS/2 web browser at the time. For reasons I cannot remember I eventually gave up on it and switched to NT 3.51 and shortly thereafter NT 4.0. Most likely because I needed some software that wasn't available natively for OS/2 and the Windows 3.11 compatibility thingy wasn't suitable. For you young-ins out there, this was back in the day when you had to buy your operating system in a box off the shelf from a store. No downloads. I remember standing in line at Futureshop chatting to a guy behind me who was about to purchase OS/2 Warp. Wonder how things turned out for him.

Comment And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until..... (Score 1) 625

I used to be a time-travelling hitman, until they came out with these robots... Um, the CSM-101s... Now I'm out of a job... Hey buddy, can you spare a dime for a fella down on his luck????

(Note to NSA: I was not and am not a time-travelling hitman. The statement was made for the purposes of humour and in no way is a confession.)

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