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Comment Kids Panic for the Next New Phone Each Year (Score 1) 100

I would expect it to be higher than 71%. However, considering how every millenial and gen-z (the biggest consumer of phones) find they can't live unless they have the next (trivial) incremental update to a phone then from a carrier perspective there is no urgency. Especially since the next phone should have the latest android release that includes the latest security patches -- the one they would use prior to filling it with their bloatware. Also, lets not forget that these largest consumers don't care much about their stolen privacy since they share it regularly on FB and other social media. There was a story where a bot could identify people with 80%+ accuracy solely by their publicly available social media posts.

Comment Money in Politics is the Real Curse (Score 1) 394

Although it's very clear Republicans are wholly owned subsidiaries of big corporations it's very clear to me the real issue is legal bribery of our politicians. It's a damn shame that most people get so easily distracted from non-issues or just simply find all this boring to care. Removing money from politics would very likely make republicans less likely to sell their votes to the highest bidders.

Comment Didn't they just yuk-yuk comment over old movies? (Score 2) 83

Please correct me if i am wrong but wasn't this thing all about some silhouette of a robot and another thing yaking it up with forced comedy commentary on old movies running in the background? Why does it cost on the high-end of tv production of $1 million per episode (or $5.5m for a full season) ? Good luck.

Comment Wolf-Pac seems better than Mayday -- Question.. (Score 2) 308

This seems like a simpler version of who aims to pass get a Constitutional Amendment. The problem i see with Mayday is that although it is aiming to elect officials to pass campaign finance reform the problem is those same politicians once in will be spending most of their day (as all other politicans currently do) looking for the next source of campaign funding -- and last i checked the highest funder gets the most attention and sway by these politicians. Mayday is limited in how much influence it can do because there are much wealthier lobbyists who can entice their angels to the dark side quite easily. A smarter approach is to attack the problem at the state level as wolf-pac is doing. Otherwise the problem will persist. My question is: Please convince me that Mayday is a better approach than Wolf-Pac. TYT started Wolf-Pac years ago and is in much further progress than Mayday including the fact that they brought up the flaws of taking a similar approach to what Mayday ended up doing years ago. So again, please talk me down and explain how your approach will work and how because it seems destined to fail to me.

Comment State Department Report was writen by Oil Execs (Score 2) 206

I like how articles forget to mention that the State Dpt. reports were made up of people who had ties to, or paid by those in the gas and oil industry. That is why environmentalists are still up in arms. Feel free to look up who put the report together and see who they work for. It's all there.

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