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Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Pimp my RV?

coreybrenner writes: "After my business failed in Missouri (a little bar in a rural town,) I moved to Mecca. Well, Silicion Valley, anyway. With rents being what they are here, and with my rather paranoid outlook on world events and the near-to-medium-term future of our country and our economy, I bought an old (1978) RV for cash, and now pay lot rent in a nice little RV park.

The RV needs some work, to put it mildly, but what do you want for $1,000.00?

I've already planned a solar-assisted hydronic heating system, and recently won a $1,000.00 door prize at a local home show, toward the purchase of a solar power system of at least 2KW in size. This all fits nicely into my "be able to pack up and move to the middle of nowhere at dire need" philosophy of late.

However, the place could use some refinements and creature comforts.

My being a nerd and all, I tend to think of creature comforts as "massive network-available storage" and "all my movies and series shows and tunes (and pr0n — let's be realistic here...) available to me all the time from any station in the house", as well as "ability to lay in bed and hack if the fit is upon me in the middle of the night".

So, my question, dear readers, is this:

What suggestions, as far as power systems, low-power computing, peripherals, storage systems, network architecture, and media server systems, would you suggest? I want this stuff to run from a 12VDC power source, or to pull minimal wattage from an inverter if a 12VDC option is simply not available (nor hardware-hackable — I don't have any problem with gutting a new piece of equipment and soldering in a power converter... :-) Please include your best ideas on 120VAC—12VDC power converters to run all this stuff, as I fear the one I currently have may be inadequate to the task.

A further qualification: I haven't allowed Windows on my home networks in more than a dozen years, except running inside a VM and thoroughly sandboxed, so a Windows Media Server option probably won't draw much water.


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