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Comment Re:Confessions of a former TIvo owner (Score 1) 490

I have Humax running right now in the Den. Love this box. The DVD burning feature is so nice. Just pop in a blank disk, select the shows to burn
and done. Now you have a DVD to take with you on vacation, for the kids in the car, or to pass to a friend. Sadly they don't sell this unit or any other
with DVD burner built in.

Comment I love my TIVO, but company has problems... (Score 1) 490

I currently have 2 Tivos - 1 of them HD - and a cable co dvr. The interface is the best and Tivo just works. The cable company's dvr can't touch it.
One small example. Say you turn on the TV and see a show that has been on for 10 minutes - and you decide to record it. Well Tivo has been buffering the
show since it began - so when you hit record you don't miss the first 10 minutes. On the cable co's dvr it just starts recording from when you hit record -
you don't get the first 10 minutes. There are many other examples like this that when all added up make the Tivo worth *some* premium. And here's where tivo
gets in trouble. Their pricing scheme, upgrade scheme is one big mess. Do you wonder why, if I love Tivo so much I still have a cable co dvr? Its because Tivo wanted
too much money from me to convert from Series 2 to Tivo HD. So now I have both in my home - Tivo and Cable dvr. Cable dvr is not as user friendly. But my wife and I
are slowing learning its quirks. Every month I see the Tivo bill I think about disconnecting to save money. Every month I learn to live with the Cable co dvr a bit more.....

Comment Just switch... (Score 1) 278

I had moved some new work to postgres, after the sun+oracle announcement I migrated some older code to postgres.

I also weaned myself off of Netbeans.

I've been in this business too long to have any illusions that Oracle is going to fund competitors to its revenue earning products. Oracle
doesn't want you on MySQL- at the minimum they want you on Oracle XE.

Comment Just shutup and doit Rupert.. (Score 1) 468

Hey Rupert, your a big shot CEO - so just make the phone call and have your robots.txt file
edited to block Google and stop the whining!

As Google has stated - indexing news is not a big revenue source for them. Last time I checked
there are no ads on google news. The truth is that News Corp's content *on the internet* isn't worth
that much. There are hundreds if not thousands of other smaller operations that would gladly take
their place in Google's indexes. The value in these legacy media operations was the control they had
amassed over the *medium* (paper, broadcast signals) not their *content*, which as most of us know, on
average *sucks*

As for Microsoft....All I can say is that with business strategies like this they better hope they can keep
on selling office/windows for a long, long time. I would call this strategy a direct assault on themselves. Google
should encourage Microsoft to pay for as much content as possible to put pressure on Microsoft's bottom line.

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