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Comment Re:This is bad, how? (Score 3, Interesting) 129

No its not banned, it just cannot be sold in any state. However the territories do sell unclassified materials. Thats why everyone goes to Canberra for porn. Also with section 92 of the constitution regarding internal free trade. Nothing stops you buying this electronic material from a server in the territories. Except for the cost of classification,

Submission + - What makes developers join an open source projet? 1

Kevin571 writes: "Nowadays thousands of open source software (OSS) projects are being created, most of them rely on OSS community to help them. There are websites that support this phenomenon (e.g. Sourceforge); also, they usually have a website of their own as well. One of the factors that has been frequently mentioned as a determinant of OSS project success is the number of developers who are working in it. It is not necessary the case for all projects, but it is the case in most of the cases. Developers could join an OSS project either in the beginning of the project (when there is no release out of it) or in the middle of the project (when it has released and already has users). Although, there have been a number of discussions on Slashdot and elsewhere on developers motivations to join OSS community, none of them (to my knowledge) have investigated the motivators of developers to join a particular project. Any factor is welcome whether it is related to the way that the project is presented and the information that project owner present on the web (the way that he introduce the project) or the factors related to developer, or the place that project owner request for developers to join (e.g. discussion forums, mailing list and so on) or whatever. What I am eager to know is that what developers look at when they want to decide on joining an open source project? Please share your ideas with me."

Submission + - Future Combat Systems Cancelled (

An anonymous reader writes: The Pentagon has cancelled the Future Combat Systems (FCS) program, replacing it with a brigade combat modernization scheme. FCS has been covered here before on Slashdot because some of the systems relied on Linux. What impact if any will the cancellation have for the use of Linux in the US military?

Submission + - China's web filter: Apple exempt, others sued (

angry tapir writes: "Apple appears to be exempt from China's mandate that a controversial Internet filtering program be shipped with all computers sold in the country. Computers that do not meet the software's technical requirements are excluded from the mandate, according to one PC maker. The Green Dam Youth Escort software is not being bundled with machines at the Apple store in Beijing because the software has no Mac version. In the US, a company is taking legal action against Lenovo, Acer and Sony over their shipment of the software, which the company says stole its programming code. Solid Oak Software may also take action against other PC makers that have started shipping the software."

Comment Re:from a vim junkie.. (Score 1) 2

Thanks for your input. 1. Firstly, I think text colour and highlighting is key. For all sorts of things, from errors, warnings, etc. Also because web based languages can include PHP, Script and HTML all in the one page, I'm designing it to detect what the current language is and switch highlighting automatically. 2. Cut & paste, I dont think I can improve that at all. Allowing multiple items on a clipboard is out of scope for me right now. 3. Undo, actually one of my key features I'm working on is a full history system, so undo/redo is very easy. 4. Paren Matching - I hear you! In fact I was thinking of having a graphical overlay that draws a transparent line between the two selected parenthesis. Declared variable font change - this is actually already been done in other IDEs, but I like it, and is part of the colouring/font work. Code suggestions - I'm trying to think of a way to make basic suggestions such as semi colons, im thinking about using very transparent characters, that the users can click on to commit them. As for arbitrary indenting - Code manipulation is something currently out of scope and something that will hopefully be looked at in the future. Out of your suggestions, I really like the visual cues related to spaces and tabs, I hadn't thought of that one. Thankyou for your suggestions... Has anyone else got any suggestions?

Submission + - How minimalist can an IDE GUI be? 2

copiedright writes: "I am currently in the early phases of developing an IDE focused on web languages (HTML, PHP, JavaScript, etc). Obviously there are numerous IDEs floating around already however the concept I am currently prototyping has features and a structure that no other IDE has. But when it comes to designing the GUI I am focused on being as minimalist as possible and what I note in most IDEs, most notably Visual Studio, is that I don't use two thirds of the controls as many are redundant. My question therefore is, when it comes to an IDE GUI, what are the controls that you can't live without or desire the most?"

Comment Military Contracts!!! (Score 5, Insightful) 323

This issue could be considered more of a scapegoat for the horrendous spending and poor budget management of the many poorly managed defense contracts over the last 40 years. Trust me, 10 Billion pales in comparison to what has been directly wasted. Also, 10 Billion dollars may seem a lot, but given its based around 40 years it cuts it down quite a bit.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Tabbed Desktop Anyone? (

copiedright writes: "The new design of the Windows 7 "Superbar" has led me to do a little research in the possibility of other desktop interface concepts. The idea of a tabbed virtual desktop seems very appealing to me and I ask if anyone has done any REAL work in developing a tabbed designed application switcher for an operating system. I have written a quick post explaining my idea along with a few possibilities."

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