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Comment Re:IT and Medicine are a Bad Fit (Score 1) 294


This is at the heart of the whole issue. Medical Data is hard and that leads to crappy implementations, unintuitive UI, less desire for docs to use it yada yada...

Although I disagree that one needs to represent everything "symbolically" there are several EMRs with free-text note fields and post-process the notes with NLP for meaningful secondary uses. Yes NLP is not perfect but things are getting much smarter and better.

PS: Those purist self-righteous PhD Description Logicians. Leave us Alone!!! :)

Comment Re:They built a tuple store. (Score 1) 178

Yes you are right but Google/Amazon are read-heavy so a big hash table works perfect since there is less disk access - however FaceBook is both READ and WRITE heavy so its more challenging. From their last SIGMOD Cassandra paper, I gather they use some sort of in-memory write which is then synced with their bigtable. Very cool stuff!

Comment Healthcare Life sciences? (Score 3, Interesting) 76

I worked at a big tech company doing SemWeb, where my experience was exactly the same. Everyone was scratching their head.

Now I've moved into Healthcare IT environment, where SemWeb makes perfect sense. Its like the best tool for the job.

The essential difference is what end of the stick you are picking up. The tech folks who are trying to shoe-horn RDF/OWL onto anything n everything (e.g. search) are failing. On the other hand, Healthcare/Life science folks who have to work with heavy knowledge intensive stuff, its working like a charm.

The SemWeb story is quite similar to Amazon Kindle.. wherein the tech folks are hating it whereas real users are all over it.. So it might seem like a failure to all you tech bozos.. but the domain experts are lovin' it.

The Media

Submission + - Increasing Truthiness of the US Govt. ( 1

a-highly-skilled-legal-immigrant writes: Truthiness, the act of making decisions "from the gut" without regard to logic, evidence or fact, has been one of the hallmark of current Bush administration.

A recent example of how screwed up the US government machinery is, can be gauged by the fact that just 13 days after they announced the current status of processing I-485, they come out with a bulletin that says that all applications are stopped and none will be accepted.
Further, ImmigrationVoice reports

One estimate puts the expenses by applicants over the last two weeks at over $6,000 million in filing fees, medical examination expenses, incidental expenses such as travel, photocopying, phone calls, courier, etc., not including the 2-3 days of preparation time expended by each family as well as lost productivity experienced by applicants' businesses due to absence from work.


Submission + - English Premier League sues YouTube

copdk4 writes: "
England's top soccer league and an indie music publisher sued YouTube on Friday, saying the online video pioneer was engaging in widespread copyright infringement to bring traffic to the site.
The Premier League, generally considered the world's best soccer league, claims an estimated 2.59 billion viewers in 204 countries. Bourne calls itself one of the leading independent publishers of music in the United States.
An interesting comment made by Google spokesman,

"These suits simply misunderstand the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which balances the rights of copyright holders against the need to protect Internet communications and content,"
Has Youtube become a goldmine for lawyers?"

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