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Submission + - Confirmed: Germany Monitors Skype, Google Mail, Yahoo Mail and Facebook chat (paritynews.com)

hypnosec writes: German Government has went a bit too far trying to be transparent and has inadvertently revealed that German police monitors Skype, Google Mail, MSN Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Facebook chat as and when necessary. The revelations come as the German Government let out figures of expenses incurred by the Federal Ministry of the Interior following a parliamentary inquiry, which were spotted by the annalist blog. The pages contain a whole lot of tables and as many would find those boring, some pages reveal something very startling. On page 34 and page 37 of the report line item 486 and 265 respectively, represent decoding software for Google Mail, MSN Hotmail, Yahoo Mail for prevention and investigation.

Submission + - Government Censors Draft Snooping Laws (delimiter.com.au)

coolstoryhansel writes: Stating that release of the draft legislation is not in the public interest [PDF] because it would prejudice decision making processes already in train, the Attorney General's Department has denied the release of the draft laws that would see wide-scale dragnet surveillance implemented along with an expansion of law enforcement powers for the purposes of 'national security'.

Serkowski, speaking for the Pirate Party who lodged the FOI request labelled the Department response as "disgraceful and troubling" saying the decision is "completely trashing any semblance or notion of transparency or participative democratic process of policy development."


Submission + - Government Redacts Anti-Piracy Consultation Paper (delimiter.com.au) 1

coolstoryhansel writes: So, you might have heard the Australian Attorney-General was considering the implementation of a streamlined process of getting private information about subscribers from ISPs?

Well perhaps not. The Attorney-General's Department have now apparently redacted that document, removing all mention of the controversial proposal, without telling anyone.


Submission + - Australia to Streamline the Invasion of Privacy (delimiter.com.au)

coolstoryhansel writes: In response to the lawless prairie (read: the Internet) increasingly making it difficult for people to apparently commercialise their property the Attorney General has proposed changes that streamline the process of identifying people allegedly infringing copyright. The Pirate Party have condemned this as streamlining the invasion of privacy. Perhaps they should first actually try making their content available digitally in Australia before completely disregarding human rights.

Submission + - No Records of Secret BitTorrent Meeting (delimiter.com.au)

coolstoryhansel writes: We thought it was bad when we heard that the Attorney-General was secretly meeting with the copyright lobby and ISPs, excluding political parties and civil society, to discuss a secret BitTorrent agreement. Now we hear that there were no minutes taken at the meeting.

So much for open government?


Submission + - Secret Anti-Piracy Talks in Australia (delimiter.com.au)

coolstoryhansel writes: Despite ongoing court proceedings an anti-piracy agreement is now on the table as a result of secret talks convened by the Federal Attorney-General between ISPs and the copyright lobby.

"The AG has confirmed talks it is hosting behind closed doors between Internet service providers and the entertainment industry could result in an “agreement” between the two warring sides that would govern how Australians pirating content through platforms such as BitTorrent would be dealt with in future."

"None of the parties involved have been prepared to state what precisely is being discussed at the meetings, although Delimiter has filed a Freedom of Information request with the department, seeking the minutes of the meeting."

The Pirate Party have warned "...there are huge civil liberties and human rights issues in any enforcement framework. The termination, suspension or limitation of access upon allegation or even violation of copyright, in an ill-conceived attempt to prop up failing business models, at the expense of artists and consumers is completely unacceptable."


Submission + - Secrete Messages Encoded in Bacteria (sciencemag.org) 1

sciencehabit writes: Researchers have invented a new form of secret messaging using bacteria that make glowing proteins only under certain conditions. In addition to being useful to spies, the new technique could also allow companies to encode secret identifiers into crops, seeds, or other living commodities.

Submission + - Swedish Pirate Party Launches ISP (sydsvenskan.se) 1

WillDraven writes: Torrentfreak is reporting that The Swedish Pirate Party has launched an ISP. Starting with 100 residents in the housing organization LKF (Swedish) in the city of Lund, Pirate ISP hopes to gain 5% of the market in Lund before spreading to other markets. Headed by longtime Pirate Party member Gustav Nipe, seen giving an English interview about the ISP here, the company aims to provide internet service with the sort of guarantees one would expect from the Pirate Party. Most notable of these are the promises to keep no logs of subscriber activity and provide no data to law enforcement or private corporations. The original Swedish report on Sydsvenskan can be found here.

Submission + - Pirate Party to host The Pirate Bay in parliament (piratpartiet.se) 1

m94mni writes: The Swedish Pirate Party has announced today that they will host The Pirate Bay from inside the Swedish parliament, should they gain enough votes (4%) in the elections on September 19. The party plans to take advantage of parliamentary immunity to protect information freedom from being abused be the entertainment industry.

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