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Comment LOL what? (Score -1) 334

We are building airplanes out of composite materials that didn't even exist a few decades ago! Innovation is accelerating, not slowing down, or halting. Life extension? If you are around 30 years old today, your odds off living past 90 are virtually assured. Open your eyes, stop reading doomer books.

Comment quite short sighted (Score -1) 334

We humans have evolved to the point where we control our own evolution. From genetic manipulation to GMO food - we are modifying our own environment, and our bodies to suit us. 'Natural' evolution on the scale of eons is no longer relevant to human civilization. Therefore, life extension is just another avenue for innovation that will make us more suited and successful in our environment, whether it be terrestrial, or off world. We have already doubled the average human life-span in the space of under a century, due to human ingenuity such as the discovery of anti-biotic, among many other innovations. The future looks bright to life extension.

Comment Re:Counting on Surplus (Score -1) 401

You're a nutter. The US is experiencing an ENERGY revolution, the US will be self-sufficient in energy, and even an exporter. Together, with Canada, the US has over 20% of the Earth's fresh water supply. The US also has some of the most fertile, extensive, and developed agricultural land. Even the demographics of the US are healthy, with steady growth. The US is by far the most innovative country on the planet. The USD is the reserve currency of the Earth, accounting for over 60% of all transactions for a reason - such as being the SOLE super-power --- or should I say hyper-power. It's easy to descend into hyperbole when trying to quantify just how GOOD the US (along with her closest allies) have it. The future looks bright indeed. --- doomers are missing out.

Comment This will be a no go for most developing countries (Score 0) 48

Most developing countries have communications monopolies. ie. State Owned. One reason is control, the other reason is profit. In many African countries for example, VSATS have huge tariffs levied to discourage their use by local governments. These initiatives will not see wide use. Can you imagine FB trying to get away with this in Rural India or China? There would be war!

Comment Screw microsoft (Score -1) 742

The reality is, the playing field is wide-open. No longer are we locked into using micro-crap. Sure, we now have evil facebook and evil Google, even evil Apple...but at least we options! So I'll say it again, screw microsoft! You killed my father! I shall avenge thee!

Comment pure Poppy pock! (Score -1) 473

I'm a post grad with many a cirtificate and degree. The secret of happiness and contentment are within reach to any man, be they slow wit or quick to action.

Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the state And then is heard no more. It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.

My good friends Jonnie and Hennessy concur. No man fears death when he has seen the light and ingested the nector of the gods! To life! Death is but the ultimate adventure!

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