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Journal Journal: Getting there 1

I've been working furiously on getting my site up and listed. Getting revisions taken care of to enhance the speed and functionality. Still looking for more ways to get listed.
Next steps and current work is focused on finding sites that will link to mine.
I have added a section at Free shopping directory to offer shopping links and hopefully build out a full online shopping portion as time goes on.
If anyone has any suggestions I welcome all.
Well that's my fun, hope all is well!
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Journal Journal: New Site 2

For any that are interested, I've been working on a new site at Some Random Directory All kinds of information and links. Even a cool blog with all types of summaries on different topics. Looking to promote it and get some serious site traffic. Hope all are well.
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Journal Journal: Winding Down 3

It's funny that when something is winding down you tend to be more wound up.
I'm at the close of a semester now, just a couple more weeks, but I am doing
more now than I was before. Isn't that something.

The good part is that I have this sense of achievment from finishing yet another
section of education and therefore another step toward a brighter future.

It will be nice when it is all complete.
But, I have already reaped fruits from this endeavor.
So it cant be all bad.
Hope everyone on the dot is doing well.
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Journal Journal: Progress 2

I set up a basic website to try for some small development projects.
Development is fun, but I don't get a lot of work at the firm I'm with.
So I decided to go it alone in my spare time.
I welcome any comments about the site...
Hope everyone is well.
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Journal Journal: Monday, monday... 2

Life has handed me some really good deals lately and i've been getting grateful.
I watched both my brothers get married in the last 6 months.
I finally broke into the field i've been studying for.
I quit my job, and though i was out of work a few weeks, I landed right where I needed to be.

And quite honestly I don't know when i've been happier.
My job is a bit of sales, a bit of web development, a bit of statistics and analysis, and a bit of research.
Who knew you could get paid for learning about cool new stuff?
I spent a day or so out of the last week learning about RSS feeds and Audioblogs.

I'm doing this search engine optimization stuff.
I never knew there was so much to the internet.
The good deal is that I'm not exactly a developer, but my developer here lets me do some stuff once in a while.
If you're interested in the company heres a link
Hope everyone is well.
Oh, and if you care, my first professional webpage.

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Journal Journal: Trey November 11, 2005 Utica Aud 2

Phish Reunion in Utica Went the the Utica Aud last night to see Trey Anastasio, thumpin show.

Introduced a newbie to the sound with resounding success.

Jon Fishman and Page McConnell took the stage with Trey and wailed.

Fantastic time.

Been a long time since I've been on /.

Been doing more work, got a job with a web company, and am enjoying everything.

Hope all have been well.

Things are calming down a bit now so I'll be around more often.

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Journal Journal: returned

Ive returned from Boston, and certainly enjoyed the trip.
Went out on saturday to a couple of great meals, and got schooled in trivial pursuit by my brothers fiance'.

But now, its back to normal, work, school, ...
This is good though, because I enjoy what I do, and love a good challenge.

Started toying with webpage design, a new development for me. I never realized that the basic designs are really not that hard. Its just like programming, all you really need is the right tools for the job. And, by that I mean syntax. It's always nice to learn something new. If I put any pages online ill certainlty link them from my journal, but it may be a while before I have something Im satisfied with.

Hope everyone on /. is well.

PS Blinder-Yes, There was much harrassing, and yes he does deserve the abuse.

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Journal Journal: journey 4

Well, Its off to Boston again. Leaving first thing in the morning, and am only staying for the weekend. Ill ge taking my lady. We will visit with my brother and his fiance`. Hope the truck doesnt give out on me, it hasnt been there before, and I worry about it sometimes. Besides that it's clear sailing all the way. This should shape up to be a fantastic trip, i really could use the time away from school and all that jazz. I have started to feel a bit bogged down with all my bits and bytes. Recently, we began doing some number conversions between binary, decimal, octal, and hexadecimal, the concept is easy enough, but i just dont feel comfortable with my grasp of these things. I just started to grasp the concept of processor values like mips, and working in nanoseconds. I cant believe that all this information is put into these little boxes that my 2 year old can use. Crazy. Anyway, had my first dose of extreme programming, and i like it. Got paired with a classmate to do a small applet, nothing sophisticated, just a couple ovals and an arc loop, but boy was it fun crankin it out. I think programming is better with two heads, speeds up the issues i normally would get stuck on. I guess this school and work thing isnt so bad, i just get tired sometimes and it seems like more than i can handle. I never used to do homework, but with these classes, i need more time for it than i have available. Oh well, Im sure that everything will be just fine, it always is. Havent had much time to read on the site lately, so im not really at liberty to comment on any recent news. I suppose its time to get along with things. Till next time.
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Journal Journal: relief 5

luckily, the fears drawn up about the conversation that I needed to encounter in was all for not, it actually went much better than planned and this I am quite happy about. Even though the issue is still left unresolved in a sense I feel that there is some sort of solution. What I had found was that sometimes things are better left unresolved. That bringing a subject up to satisfy your own curiosity and resolve your own concerns can hurt others and that internalizing your pain sometimes is the right thing to do even though people always say that you need to express your feelings. So, in effect, I find that contrary to popular belief, even expressing things properly, can quite often be the wrong thing to do. Regardless, Im glad that the conversation is over and that I do not have to open it up again. The best case scenario is to let sleeping dogs lie and deal with only my own emotions about the situation, not wonder whether it is true or false.
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Journal Journal: Concerns

Well, as of late I have encountered some very strong concerns of a personal nature. These things affect someone very close to me and are causing quite a bit of trouble in my head. While I do hope for the best and believe that there is nothing to worry about, I also have to prepare myself in case my worries are legit. The most unfortunate development is that in trying to convey my concerns, my emotions tend to create more trouble, which is why I prefer computers to humans. In a discussion about the subject with one of my family members, I kept feeling that my position was not fully understood, and that in translation, I sounded like an ass. Emotion and interpretation are the most difficult of the worlds problems, at least from my standpoint, and I sincerely with that it was as easy as programming, where if it works it works, if it doesnt rewrite. But life isn't as simple, you can find the proper syntax, get the right answer from your algorithm so to speak, and still not get the point across the way that it was intended. Anyway, its as frustrating a thing as I have ever encountered. If only we could break communication down to x is right and y is wrong. But, I guess thats a pipe dream, and the only place that works is with machines. I found that rather than try to make a diffult conversation off the cuff, that I would write it in letter form. That went well as far as the expression of ideas how i mean them, at least i hope so. The real test will be when I present said document to the concerned party and await the response. In the process of dealing with this issue, the closest and most level headed person i know misunderstood my concerns. I know I dont always express things correctly, especially when emotions are involved, but because of the nature of the subject matter, there is a great deal of disbelief. I dont blame anyone for feeling taken aback, opposed, or even hurt by the presented information, but if god forbid the problem is real, there are necessary precautions to be taken, if it is not, it is still a hard subject for anyone and will undoubtedly cause great stress. Unfortunately, being so important, there is no way that I could with clear conscience ignore the situation completely. And, I do this with great pain. Im quite sure that before this is over, there will be a great rift between many of us. Regardless of the outcome life will never be the same, and Im afraid of that time. As it stands right now, there is already stressors affecting many relationships, but its about to blow wide open. Tomorrow is the day of reckoning for this situation and hopefully it is smooth and swift. Im afraid , however, that it wont quite work out how I expect(things never do), and there will be a long journey to the end. I often wish I was a child or even a teenager, then you can claim ignorance, there is not really any important confrontation, and if you dont want to go to school you dont have to. But, you cant skip work and home and school and outside. Its just not a reality, and when all sides close in you feel like a caged animal. Who knows, maybe the worst is over, and all that is left is to build and rebuild relationships... On to better things...
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Journal Journal: new guy

Hello This is my first entry on slashdot. I first heard about slashdot from one of the community members and met a couple of others at a lunch in Boston. Upon review i have found a great deal of interesting information on the site. I suppose that a little background is in order. Im a Computer Science student and have just moved from C to JAVA. I cant say that i can write anything particularly cool yet, but im working on it. I find the realm of a virual machine utterly fascinating and look forward to full exploration of its capabilities. I never really considered myself a nerd. In fact I had supposed quite the opposite. You see, recently, as i passed the stage of searching for social status, i realize the vast untapped springs of intelligence, creativity, and resources that exist for a person in today's world. The rapid pace and exciting breakthroughs are awe inspiring, and in my belief are barely even opening up to their full potential. I need to be a part! I have found that math and coding have broadened just about every thought in my head. I will be regularly perusing the website, and occasionally will offer my comments on the content. Fortunately for the world i hardly ever talk about what i dont understand, hence, i may not say much. -B

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