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Comment Congratulations (Score 1) 132

In a country where many law abiding citizens are literally held hostage in their own homes due to the amount of violent crime and we plead for people to come forward with information and they actually do, and we have success in many cases due to these tip offs, some asshat goes and publishes the list over the Marikana issue which they most likely have no clue about since I suspect they are not from South Africa to begin with. Congratulations - innocent blood is going to be spilled because of this and its on your head. Whether SAPS was vulnerable or not is besides the point - you brought innocents into this. In fact, you could rather have used your skills to find the details of all the covered up corruption cases if you were so interested in JUSTICE.

Comment Pfft...blacked out? (Score 3, Insightful) 273

I see Facebook and Google made a MASSIVE effort to change to their homepages and educate people - especially in non US locations. Talk about a half baked attempt at a protest. Props to Reddit, Wikipedia, Wired et al. who actually went through with it - worldwide!

Comment Voter education (Score 1) 262

Wouldn't it be better to spend all that effort and money on systems to educate Joe Public out there about what these assholes in power are up to and get them voted out of power or failing that forcibly remove them from the system - remember the 99%?. This is working around the problem instead of attacking it head on.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 800

I work for a Telco and we implemented speech driven self service. Our subscribers HATED it - they found every possible path into the organisation, as long as they could avoid the speech driven one. The speech reco camp have been punting speech as the next best thing for years, trying to convince us about how it learns as you get more input into the engine. The bottom line sucks, it doesn't work, and is extremely dialect specific. Just another bullet point on the feature list.
PC Games (Games)

Blizzard Boss Says Restrictive DRM Is a Waste of Time 563

Stoobalou writes "Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce reckons that fighting piracy with DRM is a losing battle. His company — which is responsible for one of the biggest video games of all time, the addictive online fantasy role player World of Warcraft — is to release StarCraft 2 on July 27, and Pearce has told Videogamer that the title won't be hobbled with the kind of crazy copy protection schemes that have made Ubisoft very unpopular in gaming circles of late. StarCraft 2 will require a single online activation using the company's servers, after which players will be allowed to play the single-player game to their hearts' content, without being forced to have a persistent Internet connection."

Comment Re:They certainly like to send people away. (Score 1) 392

We have been given instructions to decommission all our Sun hardware (all midrange stuff) at earliest convenience. Luckily we saw the writing on the wall when the whole Oracle thing started and as a result have already migrated most applications to X86 and completely decommissioned others. Additionally we have made a strategic decision to remove all Glassfish app servers from our portfolio and proved to management that many of the Oracle databases we were running could quite easily be migrated to PostgreSQL and in cases where migration was not possible due to dependencies, consolidated aggressively. I am thrilled that management has seen the light since I will have no part in adding to Uncle Larry's quest for financial world domination.

Comment Re:Irony (Score 1) 299

Attempting to decrypt the air interface is just plain stupid and far too much effort and chances are by the time you do it the call you were after is over anyway. Just as in most other security breaches, clever bad guys attack from within, slipping someone a few dollars to listen on the inside, typically at the exchange where its all good old unencrypted TDM.

Comment Re:What about Java (Score 1) 162

errrr yea sure.....Virtual Iron is really kicking ass in the virtualisation market since Oracle acquired it. Thank god I got rid of all our dependence on Oracle two years ago. Unfortunately I recommended Glassfish in our organisation not too long ago - thank goodness I can pretty much drop replace that with JBoss if they decide to kill that off too.

Comment Re:Holy Crap! Calm down (Score 1) 1092

I have to agree here. Having battled for years to even have a child, I too went through this paranoid phase, trying to find a highly technical solution to a really simple problem. I settled for teaching my three year old both our cellular numbers as well as her home address which she can rattle off perfectly along with the definitions of who to speak to since strictly speaking she shouldn't be talking to strangers. Now at five years of age she unfortunately can quite successfully use a phone to dial more than just those two numbers!!!

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