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Comment what the hell (Score 1) 1095

you know, year after year I come back here to post a snarky comment and read some stupid commentary.
even thought i tell myself i should spend that 10 minutes a day more usefully.

but this is too much. idiotic back and forth about restroom use and laws clearly to appeal to
idiots who think the whole men dressing up as women thing is just too icky

not coming back. there is in actuality nothing left to see here.

Comment Re:GOOD. (Score 4, Insightful) 255

sure, maybe the snowflakes deserve some blame. i mean who wouldn't want to bathe in money in
exchange for working on something trivial like an instant messaging service that doesn't scale or an
ad distribution network.

its just that they were so smug and self important about it

but really, the blame lies in the investment community. they get to bathe in alot more money, and
ostensibly their job is to direct some fraction of the collective social resources towards efforts that
will further enrich themselves, and indirectly society as a whole. at least that's my guess as to
what this whole 'weath creation' narrative is.

except that they dont seem to be very trustworthy, seems like we get dutch tulips all the time. loans,
electricity, tech, loans, tech, tech.

Comment Re:We should do it (Score 3, Informative) 349

my guess is you weren't involved in the last SDI development effort.

just contractors lining up at the trough. an unequivocal waste. they tried to
keep it open for as long as they could after notable people came out and
said it will never be useful, but they had to shut off the spigot eventually.

Comment Re:Why does every story need a villian and a victm (Score 2, Insightful) 214

here we have class of people who have, for the most part, worked hard their entire lives.

and they have shit. social security, medicare, and its not enough. no one will hire them.

except a company that rewards them $50 after a 10 hour day driving hipster assholes from A to B

you can call that a fair market trade if you want. i think its inhumane.

Comment wow (Score 3, Insightful) 278

with very few exceptions every single comment in this thread blames pedestrians for jumping out in front of cars

in San Francsico, crossing a street, within the crosswalk, with the light, is a stupid act of faith that some idiot isn't going to
mow you down. bikers taking turns without looking, ubers shooting across the street looking only at their phones
some self important dickhead in a bmw blowing a red 20 seconds after its turned.

collectively - you're the worst. people who might actually want to walk 10 blocks instead of getting in their cars are effectively
disposable human trash who should really just be killed for forcing you to slow down for a few seconds.

Comment toolchain? (Score 1) 66

given xilinx's history in the past, whats the toolchain situation?

in the past i've had to deal with license servers, multi-thousand dollar licenses, being locked into windows,
having to reverse engineer internal formats because the tools wouldn't work for me, having day-long
synthesis/test cycles because their routing was so abysmal, etc

admittedly I'm an old fuck, so thing may have changed

i scanned the page, but they dont seem to say a single thing about tools.

  what the situation?

Comment Re:So...? (Score 1) 121

i tried to read the high level material, but its really not very clear

would it be possible to use this to write a peer-to-peer collaborative application in javascript that just ran
in the browsers of the peers and didn't require a central server for conrdination, say by passing svg?

Comment yeah, ok, this is silly (Score 1) 108

but think about the utility of having a container standard for smaller objects that would be

    - nestable
    - stackable
    - designed to be manipulated/carried by robots
    - has a self-describing tag or at minimum a reference in a standard form to an internet object

that you could use interoperably in a variety of storage/transport applications

Comment go sonic (Score 2) 113

I know the article is meaningless, but sonic is just great.

I've never had a provider before who

    - consistently answers the phone for tech support, and provides honest, useful advice and really address problems

    - is willing to own issues with the local loop provider

    - consistently ups my capacity and lowers my rate just because

    - encourages me to run an open access point

    - takes an unmitigated pro-consumer stand wrt net legislation at every opportunity

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