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Comment Re:Roundabouts are the Solution (Score 1) 976

No, roundabouts in heavy traffic are dangerous and slow down everyone when not needed. Get to the root of the problem, wrt your traffic light issues. Side note: here in .au leading up to traffic lights the striped lines turn solid, and experience has told me when you reach those lines, your not going to be able to stop in time for a redlight

Comment Re:1st bug found (Score 1) 750

When someone is tailgating me I slow down. No brakes, just foot off the accelerator. Because, firstly, I'm an arsehole, and secondly its the only remaining control I've got to make the situation safe again by giving myself enough space behind me for the speed I'm doing. Of course those few mindless idiots who realise what I'm doing and back off, I'll return to my original speed. Generally they had the shits with me in the first place for doing such horrible things as following the speed limit, which I do as I pretty much have to the way speed limits are enforced here in .au if you actually get caught

Submission + - Kickass Apt. vs. Persistent Microwave Exposure (slashdot.org) 3

An anonymous reader writes: I am considering buying a penthouse apartment in Manhattan that happens to be about twenty feet away from a pair of panel antennas belonging to a major cellular carrier. The antennas are on roughly the same plane as the apartment and point in its direction. I have sifted through a lot of information online about cell towers, most of which suggest that the radiation they emit is low-level and benign. Most of this information, however, seems to concern ground-level exposure at non-regular intervals. My question to Slashdot is: should the prospect of persistent exposure to microwave radiation from this pair of antennas sitting thirty feet from where I rest my head worry me? Am I just being a jackass? Can I, perhaps, line the walls of the place with a tight metal mesh and thereby deflect the radiation? My background is in computer engineering — I am not particularly knowledgeable about the physics of devices such as these. Help me make an enlightened decision.

Comment Re:two computers, three displays (Score 1) 628

Your still doing it wrong On my Mac & Linux boxes I login as an unprivileged user, but can easily become privileges without logging out! You serioulsy can't understand why someone would want to close everything they have running to do something like change some networking setttings?

Comment I thought Australia was bad (Score 1) 554

I've been unemployed before, but wasn't this bad. You get a form once per fortnight to fill, where have you applied for work, and related questions, as well as how much did you earn? If you've been unemployed for a while you build up kind of credit system where you may not get your benefits reduced at all. The other good part is you keep getting the forms for about 2 months of earning 'too much' before your officially cut off. So if you get a temp job picking fruit or whatever, as long as your income drops back off before the forms finish, everything keeps going without any hassle. Don't get me started of the rest of Centrelink though!

Submission + - SPAM: Developer KPIs

conufsed writes: I've recently been offered a new developer position and part of that is a potentional bonus for meeting KPIs. They have told me that what we define as KPIs are open to negotation but I'm really not sure what a good measure is, I can only think of the bad such as lines of code, or some other irrelevent measure

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