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A Florida woman is in police custody after officers say she caused a two-vehicle car crash trying to shave her private parts while driving.

37-year-old Megan Mariah Barnes was arrested Friday after rear ending a pick-up truck on the way to Key West, Florida. Barnes told police that she was going to meet her boyfriend in the vacation spot and wanted to be “ready.”

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All of that is really appealing to me. So much so, that last weekend I decided to give Linux another try, a real shot this time - I got my work desktop, my home desktop and my laptop together with the intention of making Linux my go-to OS everywhere. I figured I'd have some problems (like always) but that with an entire weekend I'd be able to iron them out and have my set-up ready to go for this week.

I tried Ubuntu 10.04 & 11.04, Mint 10 and openSUSE. I had major graphics, networking and sound issues spread across all three (recent hardware) computers. Each computer had it's own major 'bug' on my setup. The combination of my (fairly decent) technical skill and vast internet resources wasn't enough to fix those issues and I spent a TON of time working on them. openSUSE had the least of the problems with only broken sound, but to be honest I didn't really like KDE compared to gnome.

I'd use Linux nearly full time, and probably learn it a lot better if I could manage to get a damn setup without game-breaking bugs, but for now I wasted about 500% of the time I spend annually maintaining Windows fucking with Linux - all in one weekend. :(

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