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Comment Re:Nerds care about politics too (Score 1) 676

I couldn't agree more. I won't vote for her. Will be perfectly happy voting for an alternative party that isn't contributing to the corrupt status quo in U.S. politics. Apparently, nothing will change in the U.S. until the oligarchy is threatened with mass revolt. I'll probably be long dead by the time that happens. And it _will_ happen, unless the rich get smart enough to ratchet down their greed.

Comment Re:Sensors wrong (Score 1) 460

You are right. William Langewiesche expanded on this in his excellent 'Fly By Wire: The Geese, the Glide, the Miracle on the Hudson'. Airbus engineers should receive a lot of credit for the outcome. But, of course, the pilot executed the turn to the Hudson quickly and managed the crisis very well.

Comment Re:Not always true... (Score 1) 737

I have a friend who is a recently retired captain at one of the major carriers in the U.S., who used to fly the Airbus A320. In reply to my question about this incident, he told me that his company's policy was to never leave one crew member in the cockpit. Upon exiting the cockpit, another flight crew member would enter the cockpit.

Comment Re:He's got chops (Score 1) 117

Sorry to see a great old plane get bent up. Looks like it will probably fly again. Very glad that Mr. Ford executed his emergency landing well enough to fly again soon. I don't fly in the LA metro area (based up in the Pacific Northwest); but, I know that there are many sections of the metroplex that would offer few good options.

Comment Re:What he really said (Score 1) 681

No need to paraphrase. His comment to the interviewer was brief:

"We have this top tier [of scientists] in the U.S., the people who graduated from Stanford, from Berkeley, from MIT, Cornell. Those people are still exceptional and really good. But we have this enormous gap between that and just regular software writers and farmers and people that need to be scientifically literate."

My question to Mr. Nye would be: why does he think "software writers" are scientifically ignorant? How did his opinion form? Based on research studies, we know that United States citizens are relative dolts when it comes to science. I'm just surprised that the software engineering profession would be singled out (along with with those poor farmers).

Comment Re:Misleading Summary (Score 1) 681

I wrote the summary. I actually agree with Nye's larger point about the general state of science literacy in the United States. That's not even controversial. I do take exception to his categorizing software engineers as scientifically illiterate. Perhaps a Microsoft engineer slept with his girlfriend.

Comment Re:Horribly misleading summary (Score 1) 681

I wrote the summary. I take exception to Nye's stating that software engineers in the United States are scientifically illiterate. If I had the opportunity, I'd ask him on what basis he formed his opinion of my profession. His delineation of the world of Big Serious Science, apparently only to be found in the laboratories of Ivy League schools, and the rest of America is ridiculous.

Submission + - Bill Nye Disses "Regular Software Writers" (

conoviator writes: Bill Nye, one of the foremost science educators in the United States states that only the upper crust members of American science and technology (with degrees from top tier schools) understand science, particularly climate change. He opines that "regular software writers" dwell in the realm of the semi-science-literate.

Comment Re:Priorities (Score 1) 113

The pilot in command wasn't very high time; but, was instrument rated. He didn't have a lot of experience with actual IMC (instrument meteorological conditions). And he was zipping around the airport pattern at night and in very poor conditions.
You are so right about the ease with which spatial disorientation can come on. Given his low altitude, he had no room for recovery. Pretty bone headed.

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