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Submission + - Super Fast Boot of Embedded Linux: 300 ms from boo (makelinux.com) 1

conan.sh writes: "Make Linux Software presents the fastest ever embedded Linux boot for 720 MHz ARM and NAND flash memory. Linux boot time is 300 milliseconds from boot loader to shell. The first goal of the project is to achieve a minimal boot time of a minimal but functional Linux system on common hardware. The second goal is to provide a platform for developing more functional systems with an even minimized boot time.

Video of boot process: http://youtu.be/747XLVbTgA4

Boot log with timestamps:

0.000 0.000: TI X-Loader 1.4.4ss Mar 26 2011 01:45:43
0.000 0.000: Optimised by www.MakeLinux.com
0.000 0.000: Loading
0.237 0.237: Running
0.237 0.000: CFG_LOADADDR=80008000
0.249 0.012: *(int*)CFG_LOADADDR=e321f0d3
0.276 0.027: Linux version 2.6.32 (const@makelinux.com)
0.276 0.000: Starting application
0.296 0.020: BusyBox v1.16.2 hush — the humble shell

To learn more, please visit http://www.makelinux.com/emb/fastboot/omap"

Red Hat Software

Submission + - Red Hat HQ to Remain in North Carolina (linuxpromagazine.com)

akgraner writes: Linux Pro Magazine Online talks to Red Hat about this decision.

"Red Hat has enjoyed a great partnership with the State of North Carolina and we are really excited to continue on this path. This is a very exciting time for Red Hat and its employees!" --Leigh Day, Sr. Director, Corporate Communications for Red Hat.


Submission + - Interactive Map of Linux Kernel (linuxfoundation.org)

An anonymous reader writes: The Linux Kernel is one of the most complex open source projects. There are a lot of books, however it is still a difficult subject to comprehend. The Interactive map of Linux Kernel gives you a top-down view of the Kernel.
You can see most important layers, functionalities, modules, functions and calls. You can zoom in and drag around to see details. Each item on the map is a hypertext link to source code or documentation. You can buy poster of the map.

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