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Comment Convenient but dangerous (Score 1) 15

I've used Uber in a handful of developing countries including India and China. It's very convenient to be able to set your ride destination without having to speak with the driver, and it's nice to confirm that they took the proper route. However, twice in India I got drivers that were on meth or some similar drug. In India (not sure about China) some people will buy a small fleet of cars and rent them out to drivers to drive for Uber. Uber already doesn't pay well and since these drivers are losing a cut to the car owner they have to drive long hours and so they take stimulants. This is no different than some of the 3-wheel taxi drivers who also take stimulants. Even if you give the driver a low rating the car owner will just rent the car out to another driver.

Comment Uber just keeps getting tackier (Score 2) 96

What about monitoring when an uber driver offers me a French fry from their dinner? Or when they offer me a sip of their soda? Or when they give me a business card for their laundry detergent business? Or the driver that was alternating delivering Indian food and giving uber rides in their stinky car? Uber just keeps getting tackier and tackier. They need to raise their rates to attract better quality drivers.

Comment This is common in Silicon Valley (Score 5, Interesting) 55

It's common for a successful company to buy out investors in an unsuccessful company as a way to move value out of the sham higher value company directly into the lower value company, because, of course, they'd rhe same investors. It's a way to get a pay off early without selling off your tesla stock. Same thing happened with the YouTube buyout by Google. The VC firm that funded both companies wanted a payoff even though at the time the deal made no sense.

Comment The trend has been going in this direction for yea (Score 1) 103

Maybe not Switzerland, but the trend since the Snowden revelations has been to move data back to Europe from the US. European companies have been dropping hosting and networking companies In the America and it's estimated Cisco has lost around 30 billion in sales. Who knows how much hosting companies like Amazon have lost. So, European companies and subsidiaries are moving their data back to their home countries. There hasn't been a Snowden-level event yet in the countries to force the companies to think about moving their data to Switzerland. I work with multinationals in Europe and I've seen first-hand companies moving their hosting back to Europe but I haven't seen companies moving to Europe yet, other than Swiss companies.

Comment Self-destructing cookies (Score 3, Informative) 47

I used a combination of plugins self-destructing cookies, disconnect, and u-block. Works well. Just don't whitelist Google sites or social media. You can use your browser's password store if you get tired of having to log in after every time you close your browser window.

Comment Vikings has ruined GoT for me and a big part of th (Score 5, Interesting) 90

Watching Vikings I was surprised when I heard old English (sounds a lot like German) and old French. I don't know enough about Scandinavian languages to know if they're speaking an old Scandinavian dialectic. Now when I watch GoT and they start up in one of their made-up languages I just cringe. It sounds fake and is usually delivered stiffly. Vikings has made GoT painful to watch for me.

Comment Re: Regular Wallet (Score 1) 272

Wait, I thought it was the Dutch that were cheap-ass stingy mofos. Now you're telling me it's the Danish too? (Tired of seeing those orange license plates driving the backroads of Switzerland so that they don't have to buy a highway vignette)

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