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Comment We might just get this (Score 1) 345

"assuming it has the electric equivalent of a neutral gear." I don't think there would need to be. An electric engine doesn't need to remain running like a gas engine. You give it power and it goes. Though I think I would be disappointed if there was no need to shift gears. That is half the fun. I like manual transmissions.

Comment failure is good (Score 1) 573

Your attempt will likely fail. But what you learn in the process will be priceless. So you should go for it anyway. Arch has pretty well detailed docs. If you have a second pc or something that you can read these with while you install you should do that. Otherwise links and ctrl-f1 though ctrl-f6+ are your friend.

Comment Re:Dont know why you tied this to the blackberry (Score 2, Interesting) 166

1) What is more efficient than just giving the damned rice to the people who need it, no questions asked? 2) You act like the concept of a credit history is a GOOD thing. All credit does is open the door for you to be screwed by a bank. All while probably inflating prices because no-one has to have the cash to buy anything where otherwise items would have to be priced to what people could afford or they wouldnt sell (ex. Cars, Houses, etc.). Do you really thing $100,000 would be the cost of a relatively low end home if there were no loans? It has its good points, but it is way too abused and they are far outweighed by the bad ones.

Windows 7 Trades Email and Photo Apps For Downloadable Ones 496

arcticstoat writes "Microsoft has said that it plans to remove a lot of the standard apps from Windows 7 in order to make the new OS 'cleaner.' Among the apps for the chop are Windows Mail, Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Movie Maker, which will no longer be included with the operating system as standard. Instead, equivalent versions of the apps will be available from Microsoft's Windows Live download service as optional free downloads, much like the new BETA versions of the apps that Windows Live offers today." Meanwhile, jammag writes that "tech pundit Mike Elgan posits that the rushed-to-market Windows 7 — due in 2010, now being beta released this October — may in fact merely be Vista with new packaging.

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