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Comment They dont even need to do this (Score 1) 388

Try getting DSL service (I like DSL for the options, cable seems to be you can pay more for a mod to the AUP but the service you are getting is basically the same) and killing the phone line. Not going to happen I am afraid, you cant have DSL without a regular phone line, so go ahead and get VoIP but you're paying for the same service twice. There is a law in Canada issued by the CRTC that ILECs have to put in place the infrastructure to offer ADSL services both on their own as well as through third-party wholesalers without a phone line, within a reasonable timeframe. That was issued over 2 years ago and I have yet to see a solid way to kill the phone line without DSL. And my provider isnt even the ILEC, its a third party provider leasing the line from the ILEC. They dont even need to do it at the ISP level; they do it at the service level, bastards!

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