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Comment Re:It's not that complicated (Score 2) 106

Actually. It is complicated. You don't know enough to know that and that makes you dangerous if you were a DBA.
Schemas, OLAP, speed, how to write queries so you actually get the results you were expecting and not some subset.......

Anyone that voted you up either did not think about it or is equally as dangerous.


Comment Slashdot ignorance (Score 1) 325

I KNOW you misunderstand how fracking works. Do you even know what potable water is? Why would there be any need to put potable water into the earth?

Fracking involves pumping a chemical mixture (which is mostly water) with 3-12 chemicals and quartz sand. Or something to that effect.
The rest of your post is not based on knowledge of the fracking industry....just BS. I am not saying you are wrong on it all.

How your post ends up with a 5 score shows the ignorance of the Slashdot crowd as a whole.

Comment Poor application of metrics - I want choice! (Score 1) 857

A regular business user might not use it. Home users the same (I use it less as a home user)

System Admins use it. I have way to many items to pin to the taskbar and it is hard to find stuff on the desktop.

Regular business + Home users probably account for 95% + of the audience so system admins and the rest are screwed?

It is not like most of us can just go and use another OS. *****What is the problem with offering choice?******

Comment Re:Call your union rep (Score 1) 365

A bit loose and fast with the numbers you be. If someone lived near police departments and fire departments they should. The point should be that those transmissions are also a concern.

Wi-fi transmit/receive hubs operation in the thousand watt range and are not required to be tested for spurious emissions or defected units by the manufacturer because they are marketed below the 1 Watt range. Once they are out there they are not tested either.

Spurious emissions could mean 20 watts being transmitted in close proximity to many people within the school. So there is room to be concerned for both.

Comment Usability -1 (Score 1) 862

People can be put in different groups when it comes to organizing because that is the way their brains work. Some people need to organize some things one way but other things another way.

The windows 7 menu is better for me >90% of the time....but the other 10% is a real pain. For others it might be better 60% of the time.....

Some of the people will be please all the time. Some will be pleased some of the time. Some will be pleased less.

It sucks that MS did not recognize the bigger picture.

Comment Re:Massachusetts laws are fucked up (Score 1) 662

Negatory good buddy, FTA:
“Even a cursory review of the law would show that the Legislature took the time to insert a preamble into the statute showing that it is specifically aimed at organized crime prosecutions,”

So, no he will not win easily......he likely will not even win.


Comment dropping quality is noticed (Score 1) 271

My local The Toronto Star's quality has gone down hill. I do think it has to do with a lack of else would they end up with such low quality people? I mostly read it online now and maybe it is just the online quality that is really bad:

-Bad or no fact checking (yes, worse than slashdot)
-Stories/reports being changed significantly but no statement saying they were changed.
-Lame stories (man in california /thinks says he got of speeding ticket because of his GPS evidence contrary to judges
-purposely misleading and erroneous article headlines/titles

I can imagine the stuff people will get away with because there are no reporters to hide from when this new form of quality becomes more popular.


Comment AOE: shrewd move (Score 1) 275

good business sense.
Starcraft sequel comes out and Microsoft rides the (free) wave again hoping to snap up some RTS players new and those that get a bit tired of Starcraft.

AOE was a good game had a lot of potential for tweaking left; I wish they polished it up more. I'll still buy/play it.

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