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Comment Yuck...... (Score 1) 12

I'm sorry, but I see this all the time at work, and it really is gross. Whether or not you piss all over your hands, it is generally accepted that the area down there isn't clean, and filled with germs or depending on your habits, disease, and that you should wash your hands after you touch yourself down there, not just to keep yourself from getting sick, but to keep others in your office from getting horrible diseases from your nether regions......I wonder who that person was just so I can avoid that person and everywhere they have been for quite some time after that. And they wonder why colds and the flu, weird sicknesses run rampant every year; well, it's because of those people that come out of the bathroom (and I'm sure it's not just guys, but gals probably do it too) and never wash their hands. Or even use that hand sanitizer stuff, I mean SOMETHING, c'mon! If you go to the bathroom, sneeze, cough, anything like that, you wash your hands or use sanitizer afterwards, because nobody else wants your disease on them or their stuff. Period.

Submission + - Comcast Routing Messed Up

An anonymous reader writes: As of 20:00 PST, Comcast customers are experiencing issues getting to sites such as Yahoo! Mail, Flickr, and various other sites, i.e. those hosted by The Planet. The problem appears to be different for each user, and changing DNS servers does not solve the issue. Comcast Support doesn't seem to have a clue as to what is going on.

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