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Comment Re:This is what Benjamin Frankin warned us about.. (Score 1) 1160

The word "libertarian" has been shot to hell. The general usage of it right now means nothing more than "Corporate Anarchism". Right now "libertarians" like Ron Paul believe in free reign for corporate groups and are fine with limiting of individual rights. Libertarians used to believe just the opposite.

Exactly. Libertarians of today are little more than another faction of the Republican Party.

Comment MBAs in heath care are no better. (Score 2) 622

The degree has been one of the largest private entitlement programs in a hospital. Get tired of dealing with patients? Run off and get an MBA, provided of course you have the schmooze and game-playing skills needed to get a corner office. For anyone outside the hospital industry you simply have no idea how much bloat these clowns have on the healthcare system in the U.S. Books are cooked, layoffs take place (without calling them such). Plus in most places they don't have to deal with these expensive "early-retirement" incentives. You're gone. Period. Just because someone has an RN or PA behind their name doesn't make them any less power-hungry or territorial.

Comment Re:C'mon people! What's the matter with you? (Score 1) 121

Aren't lies and misrepresentation an essential part of corporate (or any business for that matter) free speech? That's how many act.

Whether it be book reviews, misleading ads or press releases on tv, fake interviewers at news conferences, or shill postings/moderation in forums, doesn't it all really boil down to the same thing?

Why in the world do corporations believe they're entitled to free speech in the first place? My rights to free speech end at my employer's doorstep. My employer's "free speech" rights need to end at the doorsteps of government of all levels.

Comment Re:a bit sensational headline (Score 1) 769

The average climate change denier doesn't give a damn about the NSF or hippies from Lawrence Berkeley. But Bush-the-Elder's friends? Now that carries some weight!

The Koch brothers are G.H.W. Bush's friends?

I didn't know that.

And, oddly enough, I didn't (and don't) really care.

Now, wake me up when the AGW loons decide that nuclear is better than coal, and I'll start taking them seriously.

Uh yeah they are chief. The Koch boys are every GOP heavy-hitter's friend.

Comment Re:When Egypt or Libya does it, it's bad, of cours (Score 1) 513

rather than Corporations that are able to do whatever the hell they want becuase no one has the power to stop them including the government,

And yet the Corporations gain most of their power through their control of the government. Weaken the Government and you weaken the big corporations rely on it for everything from direct subsidies to protection from foreign competitors to regulations that place a disproportionate burden on smaller domestic competitors to laws that keep us from exercising our rights of ownership of our electronic devices.

No, weaken corporate America's stranglehold on government. Stop giving corps greater rights than those granted individuals. Take away corporate personhood. Pierce the veil of protection given to corporations.

Comment Re:When Egypt or Libya does it, it's bad, of cours (Score 1) 513

At least when a Dem screws ya they'll at least put on a condom and ask if it was good for you too. When a GOPer screws you they'll sodomize you with a wire brush as foreplay and scream at you for being such a pussy when you start crying about it hurting so much.

Comment Re:Nothing new? (Score 1) 738

A supervisor or manager? You've got it backwards. Managers/desk jockeys are a dime a dozen. You want someone who can actually do the job you're needing to get done, not someone to sit and use up oxygen. This is an extension of that old axiom: Those who can, do. Those who cannot do, teach. Those who cannot even teach, manage.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Are You Being Taxed By Your Boss? (

Jeremiah Cornelius writes: I guess this explains why the pothole in the state expressway is still awaiting repairs. Goldman Sachs, General Electric, Sears are among over 2,700 companies withholding income from their employees — but instead of sending the money to the state coffers they're keeping it for themselves. With the legal blessings of your own state.

Comment Next up, bacteriologists warn of impending doom! (Score 1) 241

Just like clockwork every year the stories abound about meteors/comets/space junk colliding with earth and sealing our fate. Then we hear from bacteriologists that some primordial ooze will threaten to overtake the planet. And on and on and on......... Working in medicine I see this everyday; a constant lobbying for $$$. Cancer vs. heart disease vs. neuro diseases, yada yada yada. I'm not saying that these concerns are without validity, just that this is simply the tried and true method for garnering public support for increased funding.

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