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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Best geek toys for goldfish

commlinx writes: As it approaches Christmas I'm in the process of adding a geek touch to my goldfish tank and need some ideas from the Slashdot community. So far I have collected a few static plastic models, such as the Enterprise NCC-1701, R2D2 and a Supreme Dalek to glue to the bottom of the tank; however I would also like to add some more dynamic items. I already have a USB controlled switchable power socket connected to a Raspberry Pi to control the main tank light remotely and was thinking this might be expanded to control some LEDs, motors and maybe even some Nixie tubes. However I'm unsure of the best way to interface these together and also wondering what precautions are needed because the water in the tank may not be pure? I look forward to hearing ideas from the community and am interested in how you would approach the problem.

Submission + - Piracy drops 28 per cent (

commlinx writes: According to recent reports piracy worldwide piracy dropped 28 per cent in the first quarter of the year, an international watchdog says. Pirate attacks intensified, however, in Nigeria and Indonesia. Maybe this will bring an end to attempts by the MPAA and RIAA to bring in more draconian laws to combat piracy?

Submission + - Maintaining algorithmic secrecy 4

commlinx writes: Recently I've been tasked with managing a small development team to develop a pilot project for an Australian electronic voting system. To avoid problems that have plagued similar systems in the United States I'm leaning towards a GNU/Linux open source solution so that the full operating environment can be reproduced from source for complete transparency. A stumbling block is the DES 56 encryption engine has been modified for additional security and we would like to keep this part of the code secret for security reasons.

The key is used to encrypt results before they are e-mailed back to the central server so this level of security is vital to ensure votes aren't received from other sources. I was wondering what ideas fellow Slashdotters could offer remembering the key will be the serial number on the back of the machine so integrity of the algorithm is vital?

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