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Comment Re:Just migrate it to VMware or KVM (Score 1) 134

Mod parent up!

Nothing necessarily wrong with the DOS program anyway- if it works, why break it?

You should be able to run it pretty easily with either a virtual machine or an emulator- you can then look at extracting from it the data and migrating it to a flashier site. Sticking with the DOS program sounds like the simpler solution for now.

Comment Re:Financing (Score 1) 240

If the taxpayer wasn't funding your solar panels, it would be financially unviable.

Sadly, solar power at this level will always be pointless- far better to spend our taxpayers' money on something meaningful (e.g. a good power station) than waste time and money on subsidising PV panels on individual houses.

I wish you well with your payback in 12 years!

I hope governments (US and UK) stop subsidising these panels and let them succeed or fail on their merits, instead of an opaque quasi-benefits system.

Is solar power a viable power option: 1000km x 1000km of Sahara solar power is enough to power the world

Comment Re:Better tools, good process, learning from other (Score 4, Interesting) 195

You can write insecure websites using pretty much any tools, but if you're using MySQL and PHP, especially if you're using other peoples code in your app, you're probably going to end up with a security nightmare, regardless of how hard you try.

That's the problem.

Most of the pros on here can write good-quality, secure code, in PHP, RoR, whatever.

It's the external libraries which are the gap. For example, look at phplist, which is used in many places. Now, every installation of it needs to be upgraded. Now. Right now.

Unless you're a 100% fulltime sysadmin, you haven't got the time to be reading the security lists hourly and upgrading phplist etc when required.

The OP is really asking: how do I make sure phplist and the other hundred Ruby gems or PHP add-ins are up-to-date and safe? And keep them that way?

Comment Re:"little known" ??? (Score 1) 215

That's the first info I've seen on these implemented on a larger scale.

However- presumably the ground will heat up with these systems. If it's one house in a million, it won't be noticed. But say if all of London switched over, the ground might increase by a few degrees.

Does anyone know what effect this would have? We already have the "urban heat island" effect from lots of ACs and tarmac/concrete... this could just make it worse.

I've no idea if there would be an appreciable difference, but I haven't seen any analysis of it.

Comment Re:Critical (Score 1) 611

as for spoiling the view, that imo is a lesser price to pay for true clean power...

So you'd be happy to block in all your windows with energy efficient materials to reduce heat loss?

(Unless you live next to a concrete prison) there's always going to be a point where you say "no, I don't want power that much that I would spoil the view".

Anyway, wind power has SO many problems (e.g. power distribution, only working when windy & warm enough etc) that I really can't see how it would function in a purely objective free market ie one without "green grants".

Comment Re:Um, duh? (Score 1) 135

Spring looks really good. I haven't played any RTS (nor any games really) since Dune II or C&C II: Red Alert, as they became far too fiddly for a normal person to play.

Seems that Spring has lots of "sub games" - I've looked over the website and there's no pointer to a basic, fun game. Should I download Complete Annihilation?

Comment Re:won't somebody think of the mornings? (Score 1) 276

I was wondering what happened to all those coffee grounds.

I put mine into a worm-farm, which makes great compost, although in small (household) quantities.

I hear many Starbucks happily give away their grounds to gardeners. Otherwise, where does it go? Landfill.

Cue more questions on "Is putting compostable ingredients into landfill good? Will it compost?"...

Comment Re:Fast enough... (Score 1) 279

We're about seven miles from the exchange.

Fastest we can get (reliably) is about 1.5mbps.

Didn't stop us being forcibly upgraded from our "1.5 mbps" service to the bright and sparkling "8 mbps" service...
Now it seems the router/exchange tries really hard to get us value for money and the connection is more unreliable than before. Lost packets... high latency.. (Someone will point out that BT blocks unreliable slow connections down to something like 140kbps- yes, happens frequently).

I'd rather pay for the old, "slower" service.

(I'd also point out that the average person on Facebook wouldn't know the difference between 1mbps or 8mbps)

The Almighty Buck

How To Make Money With Free Software 81

bmsleight writes "The Dutch Ministry of Finance organized an architecture competition to design not a building, but rather the new 5-Euro commemorative coin. The theme was 'Netherlands and Architecture'. The winning design was made 100% with free software, mainly Python, but also including The Gimp, Inkscape, Phatch, and Ubuntu. The design is amazing — the head of Queen Beatrix is made up of the names of architects based on their popularity in Yahoo searches (rendered in a font of the artist's own devising). In the end the artist, Stani Michiels, had to collaborate closely on location with technicians of the Royal Dutch Mint, so all the last bits were done on his Asus Eee PC. Soon, 350,000 Dutch people will use and enjoy the fruits of free software."

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