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Comment What makes you special? (Score 1) 246

(That'll teach me to post in a hurry! Now with added line breaks...)

Not that Warhammer ever 'borrowed' an idea wholesale from anyone else. In fact their game worlds are generally little more than thin rehashes of history and other peoples ideas. Why steal from Games Workshop when you can get 'inspiration' from the same sources they did?

Orcs(TM) => Tolkein's Orks (in space)
Space Marines => Starship Troopers (the 1959 book, not the film)
Tyranids => The film 'Aliens'
Eldar => Elves in space
Necrons => Skeletons in space
Tau => Samurai in space
etc, etc.

For my sins, I've been around GW for a good 15 years and, whilst the do make pretty figures and average rules, originality is not one of their strong points.

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