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Comment Bootloader locked or not? (Score 3, Interesting) 78

The only thing I'm interested in is: will the bootloader only accept signed images? If yes I'll pass.
For a device to ship with such heavy customization I doubt anyone will care (or even have to resources) to keep it updated. Even the big names don't do it - since they rather you buy a new device next year. I also doubt people will line up to make extra versions of their apps for just this (Android) tablet (sorry but you do not have the Apple RDF).

Submission + - Microsoft announces Windows for ARM (theregister.co.uk)

comm2k writes: Microsoft has announced that the next version of their OS — dubbed Windows 8 (scheduled for 2012) will also run on ARM. Microsoft demoed running a build that ran Powerpoint and Internet Explorer on a Qualcomm Snapdragon system. Steve Ballmer said "This announcement is really all about enabling a new class of hardware and new silicon partners for Windows, to bring the widest possible range of form factors to the market...".

Comment Er... what?! (Score 1) 281

Apple collects such data from customers who have approved the use of location-based capabilities on the phone and who actually use an application that requires GPS.

In other words anyone running an app from the app-store has already agreed to the use this data - see: http://apple.slashdot.org/story/10/06/22/0318202/Apple-Wants-To-Share-Your-Location-With-Others

When users attempt to download apps or media from the iTunes store, they are prompted to agree to the new terms and conditions. Until they agree, they cannot download anything through the store.

We'll for the time being I'll stick with my run-of-the-mill dumb-phone :)

Comment Re:Ubuntu Side By Side With OS X (Score 1) 251

it's just that they're more interested in performance and functionality

Neither of which seems to apply to Gnome et al.
One of my big complaints about Linux, the slow GUIs. I have several machines running linux and the most pleasant ones to work with are the ones I connect to by SSH only. The dual boot machines - I really dislike doing things in Xfce/Gnome/KDE. The same hardware runs circles in terms of UI responsiveness when I boot Windows (XP/SP2). I'm fine with the actual boot taking longer but then it should absolutely fly!

Comment Re:Interesting approach. (Score 1) 52

Sure, there are enzymes which break up DNA - they're used all the time for sequencing, as you can't sequence long strands. But to identify a malign region in the DNA =and= have the enzyme only break the DNA at that point =and= have this done in a way that won't cause the end result to do strange and undesirable things -- that's going to be tough.

There are some approaches with modified/fine-tuned Zinc-fingers cleaving (your own) DNA - one example see this article: http://www.health.am/aids/more/proteins-put-personalized-hiv-therapy-within-reach/

Comment Re:Maybe good... maybe bad (Score 4, Insightful) 282

Keep up, it's not Flash vs h.264, it's Flash vs Javascript and HTML5. Video format is not at question here. You're looking for the h.264 vs Theora war, that's in a different article.

Apple being douchey about video formats doesn't change the fact that they are fully supporting open web scripting standards.

Comment Re:Yes, well ... (Score 1) 244

Fuck the RIAA, and fuck any federal court asshole judge that would force ISPs to become snitches..

Incrementalism. There are a lot of people in government that admire the way the East Germans went about matters, and would like the U.S. to work along similar lines. They can't do it all at once, of course, but they can lay the groundwork.

Comment Re:Two Stupid People (Score 1) 291

This is one of the things I try to get across to so many people, but most just don't realize what a security threat their reminders are. I generally tell everyone "unless you have to put your credit card in, never use your real name." Anymore usually confuses them and they start defending their actions.

Avoiding names and dates etc will keep the majority of people out of your things. Of course, someone who has experience and knowledge of gaining access to unauthorized systems will of course still be able to do so, but the random kid won't be able to.

Comment Re:Video editing with AviSynth (Score 1) 205

Using AviSynth for 'editing' is very very suboptimal. I love AviSynth for what it does (create wonderful stuff from crappy clips / clean up and other processing). However it is completely ill-suited as a 'editor'. Especially since everything (I know there was a plugin/fork to get directstreamcopy but it is not standard functionality) is recompressed. Lets compare that to something simple like VirtualDub. Load DV AVI clip, select in/out, select DirectStreamCopy for audio and video and save the clip. No quality loss, no recompression - 'rendering' time only limited by speed of your disk. Want to quickly insert titles? Start measuring pixels instead of just putting the title in there with a gui and your mouse.
Yes people have cut whole projects including fadei/o and dissolves with AviSynth but then again I can build a car completely out of engines too.
Why do people always recommend it for editing? It is a EXTREMELY cool piece of software for PROCESSING but I'd never torture myself for using it to edit a project.

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