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Comment Re:Flamebait summary (Score 1) 144

What the summary is referring to is the lack of kernel level protections such as address space layout randomization and the like. AFAIK those are coming in 10.6, but it is still catching up in that regard. Windows, having been (and still is) plagued by viruses, has implemented protections such as ASLR to make it much more difficult for run of the mill buffer overflows to actually turn into an exploit.

It may not be quite "public knowledge" but it is out there (page 4 for the talk about ASLR).

Comment Re:Not like that... (Score 3, Interesting) 118

It's a spectrum, and not all OSes are good for all applications. I for one am glad that there are people taking security seriously in an OS. Maybe it's hard to use for the average user, but in server and embedded environments, it excels.

You can also bet that other *nixes (especially other BSD flavors) take hints on how to secure themselves from OpenBSD.

Use whatever OS suits your needs best, just don't try to bring other distros down for not following your vision.

Comment Re:point of reference (Score 0) 386

Mod parent up, just look at Apple where it does dominate the market, mp3 players.

They try their hardest to make it so that only their software will interface with it. Only thanks to the hard work from some reverse engineers do we get nice integration from 3rd party apps.

Then once their software tries to update, it always wants to install safari for windows users. I don't know if my apple update is broken, but I have to uncheck the safari box every time to keep it from installing.

Comment Re:Windows.. Eight? (Score 1, Insightful) 386

You do realize this is normal business practice, even for Apple right? These companies don't just sit around waiting for things to happen. All the features and new tricks they wanted to try in an OS have already been fixed for Win7. Unless you're suggesting the whole Microsoft R&D department should take a 6+ month break.

This is not a press release, this is not the "hype machine". This is just a job posting for a company that is confident that it has a future, at least long enough to make it worth filling this position. Basically, this is not news, and there is nothing for you to be upset about.

Comment Re:Tor and I2P are slow, but.. (Score 0) 122

What I want to know is how much would it take to have a noticeable improvement in usability in I2P or Tor. Would a dozen new high bandwidth exit nodes make an impact? a hundred? Does it more depend on the user's internet speed? As it stands right now, you have to REALLY need anonymity before you're willing to submit to the performance hits, which only makes it more likely that criminals will be using it, instead of regular people. If it is an exit node issue, I'm all for donating monthly to help run some "Tor Sponsored" exit nodes.

Comment Re:Soft machines for testing (Score 4, Informative) 420

That Microsoft is trying to specify test parameters is very good thing.

Wouldn't they be interesting in finding out what might happen to paying customers when they buy the product and try to upgrade?

They are interested in upgrades from Vista to 7. What they aren't interested is in upgrades from Win7beta to Win7RC (or 7full).

Comment Re:your tax dollars at work (Score -1, Troll) 1297

Your tax dollars at work

Really? how many tax dollars do you think were spent? Some guy probably had the movie on his computer and they just put it on repeat. Don't be a drama queen. Like you've never goofed off for 10 minutes on your employer's time, which is all the time it would take. These are people too.

well done america, another reason to gain respect from the world

Yup, how dare us make fun of a former dictator while he's imprisoned. How horrible of us for us to make him watch a tv show that depicted him, an oppressive dictator, in a bad light.

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