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Comment I'm sure the kid will be better off (Score 1) 571

as a ward of the state. This is classified as idle, and it's easy to laugh at the absurdity of it. But seriously, the parent is facing child endangerment charges, as well as posession of a destructive device. That means likely serious jail time, and even more likely that the child will be taken into foster care, and almost certainly be treated very badly. Furthermore, he will grow up having had his life ruined by the law. Something relatively harmless becomes a series of good reasons to actually deploy destructive devices or turn to crime.

Comment monty hall? (Score 1) 981

seems like the monty hall problem, we start off with four possibilities: girl-girl girl-boy boy-girl boy-boy then we are given that girl-girl is incorrect since one child is a boy this leaves: girl boy boy girl boy boy 2 of those solutions have a girl, so the odds of a girl child are 2/3

Comment Re:Yet another dream quashed. (Score 1) 195

Unfortunately, "they" will never listen, because "they" are the ones plotting the zombie apocalypse. The bilderberger, reptilian, illuminati, freemason, shadowpeople have clearly infiltrated every level of government. Obama has already been confirmed to be a reptilian: I hope it is obvious why he couldn't produce a convincing birth certificate: he is from zeta reticuli. Beware, nibiru approaches and the government will not help!

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