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Comment who actually believes this rubbish (Score 1) 695

Its always mans fault and this is the same old diatribe we have heard since political parties worked out that they may not be able to tax us on the air we breath but they can tax us on the air we breath out (c02) when they really should be grabbing back the unpaid taxes that the large corporations do not pay and charging them to clean up properly after themselves.

Comment Re:BBC licence money is wasted (Score 1) 171

none yet, i removed all implied rights of access and got an email back saying they agreed with my freeman rights and they would use other means to try to see if i watched live tv, but i do not watch live tv at all my wife waits an hr extra to watch soaps and its a lot better not having to be sat in front of tv at 7pm everyday.

xmbc media player is an awesome addition on a raspberry pi as it has support for catch up tv.

Comment BBC licence money is wasted (Score 1) 171

I have just cancelled my tv licence and gone to full catchup TV and i have found that i do not watch anythhing at all on any bbc channels at this current time, but if you look into bbc wordwide you will find that its a provate corporatation thats worth 1.2 billion that sells all our tv programs we have paid for around the world making the people rich off our backs,

Also the bbc has been prooven to be a very corrupt business that paid out 25 million in severence pay to old directors, supported Jimmy saville, gives a very biased view on all news and also gets money from the EU to push forth their agenda`s.

i will miss the sky at night but there are many shows aimed at the amatuer and professional astromoner on youtube and even a daily program from suspicious observer @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTiL1q9YbrVam5nP2xzFTWQ which keeps you up to date on the stuff we need to know in less than 4 minutes a day

hope you enjoy my rantsworth :)

Comment totally government spin (Score 0) 668

the story was leaked by a government minister that there was a lot of welsh people getting measles when in reality there was no epidemic at all. its all scare tactics by the newspapers and the government who in reality want you to be scared of breathing so that you do what they want you to do.

Comment Another bad idea (Score 0) 286

This is probably the worst thing the Government can do, they have enough problems running the country never mind the internet as well.

I have always said all parents should never leave children to use the internet with out having their own protection in place.
I have always said that all porn should be banished to the xxx Tld therefore making it easy for parents to block.

Governments should keep out of this as everyone who reads Slashdot knows how to bypass the blocks by just using a proxy all this will do is make push more people onto using the darkweb or running VPN servers or other using freely available software like Tor and Privoxy, or if they just use filters on the DNS they would just use DNS resolvers from another country.

The ISP`s would have to implement this via expensive switches to make a difference which would slow the internet down for us in the uk more than it is now as well as adding the extra costs to our bills to cover the administration.

Sky has failed already implementing the blocks to the piratebay and anyway which person would use any other than a private tracker and protection to stop RIAA from seeing their ipaddress anyway.

Whats next the internet companies will find a way to make users pay them for access to porn and drive the whole thing underground where funnily enough the kids will still bypass it if they want to find it.

You cannot add a third of the internet to blocklists and keep them current as it is.

United Kingdom

Submission + - UK stealth laws changing duty free allowences (hmrc.gov.uk)

collect0r writes: hey guys how many people have voted on this change to how much tobacco and cigs you can bring back from holiday.

just take a look and the only people happy are cigar smoking wine traders who like to drink spirits.

has there been any major new coverage about this ?.

if anything will piss off the uk population its gonna be this load of tripe law.

we need our cheap bakky to survive we dont like the inequality of europe but we should be able to buy anything we want from overseas.

the main problem i have with this story is that no one seems to know about this, theres nothing in the media at all.

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