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Comment Re:Most hydrogen today made from hydrocarbons (Score 1) 420

I find that hydrogen is a very impractical solution in the near or long term for many of the reasons that have been listed, so don't be too quick to blow off strait electic or ethanol. If it is indeed true that "over 20% of all corn in the US goes to making ethanol, and the national average of ethanol use in fuel is about 3%" it is still irrelivant. Once cellulosic ethanol ( becomes comercially reasonable it could very well take the US very close to energy independence. The amount of energy per acre of fuel crop (corn wouldn't be grown only for energy, but certain types of grasses might) grown will skyrocket, and it is very feasable that the US could indeed grow enough to sustain it's energy demands. The inferstructure is already there for the most part, and the technology is not that far away. Also, while the net CO2 emmisions from current corn based ethanol may not be any better than normal gas, the net CO2 emissions from the entire process of growing, refining, and distrubuting cellulosic ethanol would be much much better than gas.

Submission + - Will more IITs, IIMs help economy of India ? 1

Gaura writes: "If the central government has its way, India Inc will soon get more corporate honchos, straight out of top-notch B-schools along with more IIT tech grads.The Planning Commission has proposed a plan which includes setting up eight new IITs and seven new IIMs among other institutes. The government feels that increasing the number of IITs and IIMs will add to the number of executives and tech wizards that the country needs and beef up its presence in the scope of research. One point raised has been that perhaps the government should focus more on better medical schools. Another that having more IITs and IIMs will simply fritter the premium on quality that these institutes have. Can a mere increase in numbers guarantee a consistency in the quality of education imparted? Or will the move merely lower quality and dilute the prestige of these premium institutes by turning them into commonplace schools that churn out dozens of average professionals?"

Introducing the Slashdot Firehose 320

Logged in users have noticed for some time the request to drink from the Slashdot Firehose. Well now we're ready to start having everybody test it out. It's partially a collaborative news system, partially a redesigned & dynamic next-generation Slashdot index. It's got a lot of really cool features, and a lot of equally annoying new problems for us to find and fix for the next few weeks. I've attached a rough draft of the FAQ to the end of this article. A quick read of it will probably answer most questions from how it works, what all the color codes mean, to what we intend to do with it.

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