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Comment Re:Mir? (Score 2) 240

I went digging after reading this article, here's the only thing I've found:

Mir in Kubuntu

Halfway down, he compares the two - it doesn't look like there's much concrete info about Mir though.

Summary: Philosophical differences in development style, server-allocated buffers vs. client-allocated buffers.

Comment Re:What's Actually Wrong With DRM...? (Score 5, Informative) 447

This is one reason I think HTML5 is just a joke. HTML used to be about presenting information, but in HTM5 it's being turned into an application platform. Sort of like the difference between a Postscript viewer and the latest Adobe Reader.

As someone who works with HTML5, I have no idea what you are talking about. Most of the things you may consider HTML5 are actually javascript + html5 + css HTML5 is litteraly about structure, with sane defaults, that's it. Javascript handles the client side decision making, animations, etc., css handles the styling and some animations (It's just beginning to delve into that). HTML5 is absolutely about presenting information in a simple, standardized way - you're bemoaning the marketing dept. of most web solutions companies, which are taking a leaf out of the 'Cloud' and 'Green' marketing handbook.

Comment Re:Sample size? (Score 3) 206

"I think therefore I am." That is a rather bold assumption even more so if the inverse is implied that things that don't think, aren't.

I know your trying really hard to perform reductio ad absurdum here - unfortunately you seem to have failed to understand the meaning of 'am' in this context. A little reading; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cogito_ergo_sum

Please, don't be so arrogant as to think that you've caught descartes by the tail based upon one out-of-context word. (There are many other things that you can argue against with regards to him!) Likewise, don't go bashing philosophy like you know better - smarter men than you have been thinking about these things for thousands of years. There's a reason why philosophy exists, you employ it every day when you decide upon the morality of things and the merits of certain ideas. We LIVE philosophy and, just as a small example, you wouldn't be able to enjoy the freedoms you have now without the philisophical underpinnings which were fleshed out into unalienable rights, now held up by most governments and legal systems throughout the world.

Comment Re:hardware backdoors (Score 1) 255

Or they could, you know, take down the entire australian network in an instant by sending a command to all of the rooted routers. (Not an optimal situation especially because these routers also are going to be handling the phonelines too) Think about having the ability to cut off all communication in an entire country - that's a HUGE strategic advantage

They could use these routers to identify specific targets of interest. State sponsored hackers would then have the ability to remove/obfuscate logs to make it so that they're impossible/very very difficult to trace or perhaps even to frame others.

Comment Re:Just block all ads and don't worry about it (Score 2) 716

AC was me, forgot to add in my original post - They also sponsor community events, and offer all of their programming for free (Pretty self explanitory as its radio) I wouldn't have become such an evangelist for them if I had to pay to hear/see/do these community events first. They have to and do PROVE their value.

Comment Re:Reason? GNOME3 (Score 1) 535

Uhh... then click on the applications tab and hunt around for your application - just like a normal menu. I really don't understand what makes a drop down menu so appealing to you unless you're just complaining because you don't want to try something new.

Admittedly, it would be nice to have applications grouped by their uses/have the ability to type in 'text' and have every program on your computer that handles text come up - they should have had that down a while ago. But seriously. It's not rocket science to use Gnome 3. It's actually really easy and launching programs is about 10 times faster for me now that i can do it with my keyboard only. I also find myself missing the upper left hand corner mouse flick to get an overview of running applications whenever I'm stuck on windows - I keep subconsciously doing it because it's easier than mucking around with a traditional task manager.

Comment Re:Now... (Score 1) 107

It's times like this when I think about what I would say if a religious fundamentalist came up to me and asked me (and, yes, I know I have a tendency to over-dramatize my thoughts) "What has your precious science given you?" to which I would reply "Doubt."

Now here's where I get to how this involves your post; you seem awfully sure that there is no God - even to the point where you're claiming to know the intricacies of the universe to the extent that you can apparently claim to know every point in time from the universes beginning to its end and the whole of existence within it.

Seems evidence to me that God exists, and his Slashdot SN is geekoid.

Comment Re:OMG (Score 4, Informative) 441

You must be joking, right?

As recently as 1990-1994 American Indians have had to fight for their ability to consume their religious sacrament.

Prior to 1930 the US had a policy to systematically destroy Native American religions and culture, and you're complaining about the Federal Government asking that ALL religious effigies be moved to private land?

Get over yourself! I bet you also believe there's a war on Christmas!

Comment Re:Symptomatic (Score 1) 566

Wish I had modpoints!

This is what any doctor SHOULD do. I suspect that a lot of doctors have a bit of an ego and don't like actually including the patient in their decision making. Those are the kind of people that never should have gotten into medicine - they put their ego above their responsibility to their patient.

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