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Comment Re:DUH! (Score 1) 114

I can't speak for the video, but the audio streams are geo-blocked due to so-called "international distribution rights" and the fees the "rights holders" want to allow broadcast of those streams to the US (primarily). What really drives me nuts is that I exclusively listened to the Radio 3 feed, which was 100% Canadian artists, and taking a sampling of some of the more popular artists from that station, none were actually represented by the "rights holder" group that has been scapegoated as causing geo-blocking of Canadian radio internet stream (I don't recall exactly which RH group it was). So what has effectively happened is that a large number of Canadian artists has been blocked from being exposed to an international audience due to an American entity who has no relationship with them because they aren't being paid their tribute.

The fact that CBC R3 has devolved into a programmed Pandora-like stream with no live DJs is a separate issue.

Comment Re:It would be fair... (Score 5, Insightful) 475

Not just joining a new carrier. I'm an e.g. T-Mobile subscriber, and I'm traveling to e.g. Canada. I'd like to use a local account while I'm in Canada so I'm not paying the international roaming charges (0.59/minute voice, $10/MB data). So I'd like to temporarily swap SIMs. I still plan to honor my contract with T-Mobile.

As an example of charges, it would cost over $10 just to view the page ( that tells you how much you'll be charged, and that's just for that single page. It doesn't account for the navigation it took to get there.

There are perfectly legitimate reasons to unlock your cellphone. It is a matter that should be covered under contract law, not criminal law.

Comment Re:Education / Communication (Score 3, Informative) 646

I don't disagree with your points, but what filtering software will do is decrease the risk of accidentally seeing something you don't want to have to explain to your children just right now. Not zero-risk, but lower. My 9-year old knows what sites she can visit, knows which ones she has to ask about, but doesn't type very well and sometimes screws up a URL, whether or not I'm sitting right beside her. Even my wife could do with some help with mistyped URLs sometimes...

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