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Comment Wedded to an outlet? (Score 1) 89

I charge my Oneplus 3 once a day, usually around midnight or later, and start the use cycle again around 7 AM in the morning, everyday. I use the phone nonstop and have no problems with battery drain. Building a smart phone that's useful, with good battery life apparently isn't that hard for the motivated companies.

Comment Re:You forgot to mention their liberal bias (Score 1) 408

How is what you've said not completely bigoted? Blanket attacks on a group of people who you don't like for whatever reason. How do you think your sentence would read if you replaced "conservative republicans" with "african americans" or "gays" or "women", etc. Sure makes you seem like a nasty bigot.

Comment Re:The Price of Alarmist Politicians (Score 1) 457

Hm.. No. I don't believe this. I do believe that money was never spent on critical projects such as regular and on going maintenance of core infrastructure that California needs to survive. Rather the people of California would rather spend their money on trains between wealthy areas.

Comment Re:Political fallout (Score 1) 457

mostly because no one has been willing to put up the money to pay for it,

Sorry but I recall the Federal government spent nearly a trillion dollars some 8 years ago to correct these issues, most of which ended up in the same pockets as before and very little repair or improvement took place.

Comment Re:The problem was lack of maintenance (Score 1) 457

Yeah, I had read some place that the problems in both spillways where noted by federal inspectors 12 years ago and since then nothing has been done. I remember living there a decade + ago and had graybeard friends that always wondered why they never performed any kind of maintenance on any of the dams in NorCal. The first time Folsom dam was worked on with any serious effort was after one of the primary sluice gates catastrophically failed. So hearing about Oroville is par for the course. California has bigger ticket items to spend money on I guess.

Comment Gentetic modification (Score 4, Insightful) 292

The scientists also believe that the genetic understanding now gained will allow them to breed shorter, stockier plants that don't fall over as easily, and that these benefits could be gained without the use of genetic modification.

I guess plant splicing and selective breading do not count as genetic modification. Who knew? Must have meant direct genetic modification.

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