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Journal cogno64's Journal: AdSense for SpaceFlight 1

From controlling computers (typing) with just your brain...to something really interesting: adsense powered spaceflight. Solving the problem of manned spaceflight. Imagine, passengers recline on their launch seats while on screens above, they survey textlinks, pix, and video ads. The longer the voyage, the more impressions they receive. To activate a link, they simply think about it, and the advertiser is billed. but seriously, this method of support becomes interesting in looking at discount air travel. The passenger pays a 'fuel fee' and then above that, advertisers pay on a CPM basis. A console in front of each passenger becomes the outlet for commerce while the walls and ceiling becomes the canvas for advertising. You could definitely make a dent in air travel, for awhile, with this model....from the mind of cognitivelabs
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AdSense for SpaceFlight

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