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Comment Apples-to-Apples (Score 1) 903

Right off the bat the article indicates it's only looking at Income Tax. I get taxed by State and Federal for Income Tax. I get taxed by the County for my home and vehicles. I get taxed by the State, County and City depending on where I shop, not to mention the "Convenience Tax" of shopping at the local mall. Smokers get taxed by every tax agency that can get their grubby little mitts into the tax code. Anyone putting gasoline in their car is paying multiple taxes on that. I get taxed for Internet, Cable TV, Cell Phone Service... My Federal & State Income tax rate combine for about 20% of my paycheck. Add in every other tax I pay hidden and otherwise and it's closer to 40%. Write an article that compares true tax rates and then see where the U.S. falls in that list.

Here in Colorado we have what's called TABOR, the TAx Payer's Bill Of Rights which says no new tax can be passed without being put on a ballot and approved by voters. The politician solution? There are no new taxes, only fees, which don't have to be put to a vote.

Comment Leave it to the scientists.... (Score 5, Interesting) 93

"Greg Hager, professor of computer science at Johns Hopkins University, said that in the absence of trials or scientific grounding it was impossible to say whether apps were having the intended effect. "I am sure that these apps are causing problems," he told the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting in Boston."

Without scientific study we can't say for sure that these apps are working, but we can say for sure that they're causing problems... Makes sense. As to pushing someone to walk 10,000 steps per day, if a person's not physically capable of walking 10,000 steps it's on them and their doctor to determine that. No app is going to force me to do something I'm not capable of just because it says on the screen that I should.

Comment Re: Environment Trumps money! (Score 1) 263

lol, reading is hard.... try reading the actual article you posted here. It's about disclosure of income and gifts. Nowhere does it mention that a President must liquidate all assets prior to assuming office. And any middle school teacher will tell you using Wikipedia as a source of information doesn't cut it by even today's lax public school standards.

Comment Re:You don't want to hear my call (Score 5, Insightful) 164

The question for the poll isn't "Should the government allow cell phone usage on airplanes?" it's "Should cell phone calls be allowed on commercial airplane flights?" Even if the government allows it, airlines can (and should) prohibit it, just the same as movie theaters do. When crammed into a confined space for hours on end with no recourse to get away from a person, I should not be forced to listen to their 4 hour conversation with their boss, secretary, mistress, wife, kids, whatever.

Comment Re: Environment Trumps money! (Score 1) 263

Wow the red herring here is simply amazing... Nixon broke laws, not rules and was punished for it, so they obviously did apply to him. What LAW is trump saying doesn't apply to him by not liquidating his assets? Please provide your source. Or do you simply get all your "facts" from MSNBC and other reputable news sources?

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