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Comment Re: Environment Trumps money! (Score 1) 263

lol, reading is hard.... try reading the actual article you posted here. It's about disclosure of income and gifts. Nowhere does it mention that a President must liquidate all assets prior to assuming office. And any middle school teacher will tell you using Wikipedia as a source of information doesn't cut it by even today's lax public school standards.

Comment Re:You don't want to hear my call (Score 5, Insightful) 164

The question for the poll isn't "Should the government allow cell phone usage on airplanes?" it's "Should cell phone calls be allowed on commercial airplane flights?" Even if the government allows it, airlines can (and should) prohibit it, just the same as movie theaters do. When crammed into a confined space for hours on end with no recourse to get away from a person, I should not be forced to listen to their 4 hour conversation with their boss, secretary, mistress, wife, kids, whatever.

Comment Re: Environment Trumps money! (Score 1) 263

Wow the red herring here is simply amazing... Nixon broke laws, not rules and was punished for it, so they obviously did apply to him. What LAW is trump saying doesn't apply to him by not liquidating his assets? Please provide your source. Or do you simply get all your "facts" from MSNBC and other reputable news sources?

Comment Re: Oh noes!!!!11111 (Score 1) 647

And do you really think if the same thing had happened to a guy (molten metal falling down his pants and someone cutting his pants off) he wouldn't have had the same sort of joking? In our group we tease each other constantly over anything and everything. We take it, we give it, we deal with it. If someone's feelings got hurt by the teasing, we'd stop teasing that person, but they'd become an outsider at that point. When you work in close proximity to a group of people for extended periods of time you have to have a way to ease the natural tensions that arise.

Comment Re:And the crowd goes mild!!! (Score 2) 226

We know how to build wind farms. - Think of the birds!
We know how to build hydro-electric stations. - Think of the fish!
We know how to build geo-thermal stations. - Think of the fish!
We know how to build solar stations. - Think of the birds!
Each form of renewable energy comes with it's own impact to the environment. As long as that's the case and any environmentalist with a microphone can shut down progress, the US will never be able to cut ties with fossil fuels. The one big advantage fossil fuels have is that they are already entrenched in our daily lives and abundantly available.

Comment Re:Constitutional Rights (Score 2) 367

Psshhh, the Constitution is a "living document." It means whatever the current politicians in power say it means. After all, there was no encryption back at the start of the country, so surely the founding fathers didn't mean to include it did they?

Sarcasm aside, the Constitution was written with vague terminology specifically because they knew times changed and didn't want it misinterpreted. The intent was clear though, the purpose was to severely hamstring the federal government to keep them from infringing on the rights of the people. Unfortunately over the last 200+ years (the last 120 specifically) the federal government has done everything they can to chip away state's rights and amass more power and control for themselves.

Comment The tablet is dead! (Score 1) 170

The desktop PC is dead! Long live the desktop PC! The laptop is dead! Long live the laptop! The tablet is dead! Long live the tablet! Same song, different verse. Tablet's have their own unique use case. The people that thought they were a replacement for laptops are finding out the limitations of a tablet. Tablets will be around for along time just like laptops and desktops that all have their own place.

Comment Re:This is why i switched to Google play music !! (Score 1) 341

Google Play kept doing the exact opposite to me... I have my entire music library ripped to MP3s, I have them on my phone and uploaded them to Google Play's cloud storage. Then every time I played a song through the Google Music app, it downloaded it again to a different folder rather than playing it directly from the existing Music folder on my Android device. I stopped using Google Music and just use the built in music player now.

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