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Comment The tablet is dead! (Score 1) 170

The desktop PC is dead! Long live the desktop PC! The laptop is dead! Long live the laptop! The tablet is dead! Long live the tablet! Same song, different verse. Tablet's have their own unique use case. The people that thought they were a replacement for laptops are finding out the limitations of a tablet. Tablets will be around for along time just like laptops and desktops that all have their own place.

Comment Re:This is why i switched to Google play music !! (Score 1) 341

Google Play kept doing the exact opposite to me... I have my entire music library ripped to MP3s, I have them on my phone and uploaded them to Google Play's cloud storage. Then every time I played a song through the Google Music app, it downloaded it again to a different folder rather than playing it directly from the existing Music folder on my Android device. I stopped using Google Music and just use the built in music player now.

Comment Ignoring HBN (Human Basic Nature) (Score 1) 1116

This could possibly work fine for the creators that want to create new things, have the vision and desire to see them come to fruition, whether they be physical constructs or intellectual. What this doesn't take into account is those in service industries that aren't creating, don't just love their jobs and work for a sense of fulfillment. How many janitors do you think there would be a year into this social experiment? Street sweepers? Fast food workers?

Even more are those that produce just for other peoples' consumption. How many farmers do you think would grow crops to feed any more than their own family if they had a guaranteed income that was enough to live off of?

I know most /. users have grown up on the Disney version of the tale, but go read the original version of The Ant and the Grasshopper.

Comment The console is dead! Long live the console!! (Score 2) 314

The tablet is dead! Long live the tablet!
The laptop is dead! Long live the laptop!
The desktop is dead! Long live the desktop!

Over the years the naysayers have smugly declared the death of all sorts of technologies that are still around. It goes through phases. Yes mobile gaming holds some appeal to the younger generation because it's always with you and can be played anytime. But can you really compare Candy Crush to The Division? Or Boom Beach to GTA V? There will always be a market for games on multiple platforms. Just like some users swear consoles are the only way to play games and us old timers say "bring it on, I'll crush your gamepad with my keyboard and mouse circle-strafe!" As long as people are buying and playing games on a particular platform, publishers will continue putting out games on that platform.

Each one may have it's "golden age" as well as it's "golden years" but they'll all be around for a long time to come.

Comment Apples to Oranges (Score 3, Insightful) 112

Comcast is limited by physical constraints to the markets they're located in. Netflix is available to anyone with an Internet connection. I hate Comcast as much as the next poor soul that's bound to them simply based on their zip code, but this is like saying "penguins in the wild eat more fish than polar bears at the zoo"

Comment Re:Simple Solution (Score 4, Informative) 192

Thanks for jumping to conclusions, but I happen to have a BS in Civil Engineering, so I've done my share of math. I also have 4 children currently ranging from HS to College level and all have experienced Common Core to varying degrees. I did my homework when Common Core was first being discussed and all the way through it being shoved down my childrens' and their teachers' throats, have you? It was approved by one individual to the outcry of every single other person on the review board. It's complete and utter rubbish. Anytime you'd like to sit down and solve a complex math problem using your Common Core vs my usage of Common Sense, please let me know. I'll even give you a 10 minute head start.

Comment Re:Cheaper Maybe (Score 1) 224

So we just need to do Socialism/Communism "right".... because Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, etc, ad nauseum. Socialism/Communism doesn't work because of human nature. You'll always have those in charge that take more than they've earned, well, because they're in charge. You'll have lazy people that will never put in their fair share of work no matter what the incentive. You'll have hard working people bearing the brunt of the burden of society. Not much different than we have now with Capitalism. "Call it Communism, Call it free... Call it what you want, it doesn't matter to me." - Tesla

Comment Re:First Time In a Century? (Score 3, Informative) 45

Not everyone had Statistics in college, sadly... The last sample was from 2010, 6 years ago. At that time the population was 3,200. Now in 2016 there are 3,890. Obviously during that 6 year period, the numbers were on the rise. It's still the first time the numbers have gone up at a sampling point in a century (sadly we have to trust the headline on this since the writer of the article apparently skipped Journalism 101 and doesn't cite when the last time the population increase was).

Comment Re:I fail to see the problem here (Score 3, Informative) 93

Companies are called on all the time to assist law enforcement. Every time you hear about a security camera catching a crime in the vicinity, that's a business owner helping law enforcement. This is a non-story. The FBI is doing what they're supposed to do. Obtained a warrant, they're asking a company to turn over records. If the company has no such data, they simply respond those records don't exist. If they do and they're able to provide them without a major financial burden to the company then there's no reason they shouldn't be handed over. When it's illegal is when NSA, FBI, DHS, etc. try to strong arm companies when they have no warrant and just expect said companies to comply to help stop the a) terrorists b) pedophiles c) current enemy of the state of the day Anyone from groups a and b should be stopped by all legal means available, but the problem is when we start skirting the legal system to catch the really bad guys, it makes it easier and easier to use those tactics to go after the not-so-bad guys, then eventually abuse of the average populace to "keep them in line" and make sure they never become bad guys.

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