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Comment Re:An easy solution (Score 1) 550

It's a dammed if you and dammed if you don't sort of thing. The same Bob Sullivan for MSNBC or someone at Fox would happily report about a prison guard being Facebook's best friend in some inmate and how we're all in danger because of it. It's all find and dandy until the next media storm or PR disaster when it comes to any public service departments.

Comment Re:one word: JQuery (Score 4, Informative) 575

Completely agree. My advice to you is learn JavaScript on it's own merits. Stop comparing it to C/C++/Java or whatever. heck, you might even have to stop thinking in objects and all that comes with OOP because sometimes it just doesn't apply. In my experience and for what I see with most of my programmers, is that no one really bothers to learn JavaScript. They just keep on doing whatever they're we're doing in C/C++/Java and then complain about how crappy everything is. A good starting point is this book it's free and it's a also refresher on computer science in general, download chrome or firefox (with firebug) to help you debug (c'os that's a frustrating task, at times) As someone mentioned already it's a completely different mindset. I personally have a hard time programming anything that is not strongly typed. Mainly because I'll go into it already thinking that I don't like it.But for someone who's been programming applications (some web, some not) for 13 years, JavaScript can help you achieve wonders. I find practically unavoidable when it comes to web applications and it has helped me achieve some UI stuff that I thought impossible just last year. (and yes, JQuery is a must)

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