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Comment Re:I might be out of scope here (Score 1) 307

"Isn't it odd that now when Samsung gets attacked these heartwarming stories pop up, but when Foxconn (or rather Apple) was attacked for better working conditions, there was silence." The guys and gals at Foxconn were killing themselves because of the working conditions. I don't think there is a comparison.

Comment Re:Are you sure? (Score 2) 307

"lack the intellectual ability to move on" Who said they lack the intellectual capacity, I don't think there are that many jobs that pay as well as these assembly jobs. They get paid the going rate or above it, and have subsidised housing and food. Without these job many would be in small towns farming earning even less and in poorer working conditions.

Comment Re:Hydrogen fuel-Looking forward to the car (Score 2) 85

Using Electrolysis is very energy inefficiently, that why its only worth it in certain places eg. over production in nuclear power plants or on very small scales such as Labs. The gallium is used as a catalyst for the reaction the pure aluminium is used and turned into aluminium oxide which can be recycled using the over production of power in nuclear power plants. The other key component is the water which is probably better to use distilled but not critical as any mineral deposits can be reprocessed during the recycling of the gallium and alu-oxide. As the distillation process also uses power and quite a lot of it the use of Electolyzer/Electrolysis will not be a big part of the Hydrogen Fuel economy - its not efficient enough. Currently our best hope for cheap carbon effiecnt energy is small scale SSTAR rector's (2015 ish), if you deffo want Hydrogen power then currently the low cost of gallium/alu production seems very good, with very few long term draw backs. IMHO

Comment Re:What violation of his rights? (Score 1) 923

You really need to read more about the case, Firstly he has been aquited of the crimes he is meant to have done. even the woman in the case, retracted her statements. Only after the big leak from wikileaks and bradley manning did Sweden then ask for him to come back to answer questions. European law allows Sweden to ask all the questions it likes either over the phone or in person in the UK - and he has said he will answer all the questions. As long as he gets a guarantee that he will not be shipped off to some deep dark hole in the US. As we know that the US loves to put people in deep dark hole without charges or trails for very very long times, or until the US thinks people have forgotten.

Comment Re:Should be easy enough (Score 1) 228

yes there is a a working mirror image of the rover all bells and whisle's they use to test and retest everything before uploading any new software. so i dont know what the fuss is about. think its a headline generator to keep people interested till it start doing the real sciency stuff. like using that laser to graffiti names on rocks :D

Comment 24TB? (Score 1) 405

Some sort of NAS or tape would be your best option without knowing more. How often do you need to do the "backup"? Is it really a "backup" or data replication eg. are you needing to restore the data after a serious failure. Have a look at this seems to have some good advise and i think could be a solution to your issue, as i see the big problem is the amount of time and the restorability of the data after a failure.

Comment worst artical ever (Score 2) 237

worst artical ever.... who really care's? as long as they have the correct answer to your question when they call and they are nice to talk to does it really matter. i am not more than high school educated and i do just fine, i have been in technical support for the best part of 15years. due to the massive expense of higher education in the UK i have not done it. the only thing that higher education gives you is a better earning potential but that is not at the top of everyone thougths...

Comment net 'neutrality' (Score 1) 51

hello, we all need to stop using the word 'neutrality' or versions of it, as ANY move to do ANYTHING that changes the flow of data on the internet stops the internet from been neutral. EG. ISP/GOV don't 'like' illegal/immoral content (mainly because they cannot charge for it or tax it) so they change how our 'free thinking ' minds wish to consume such things. they censor it - the net is no longer neutral EG. GOV don't like political views so they ban Blackberry Messenger/Social network for a period of time - no longer neutral Eg. GOV don't like your sexual orientation western world calls marriage under 16 wrong. Muslim counties gay marriage is wrong (I am not here to judge). In some countries its legal. Which country has the right to impose neutral internet access on the other country. EG. ISP provide streaming media service gives it services priority over bandwidth - no longer neutral. In the UK as i cannot comment on other countries, even getting 'Unlimited' internet is a nightmare. as 'Unlimited' now means 'Limited' by the whim of the ISP. we cannot get them to agree with the definition of 'Unlimited' so 'Net Neutrality' is a battle which will never be won, we as consumers will have to take it and like what ever the ISP's and GOV define it as. General speaking if tight rules and legislation is put in place you criminalise whole parts of the world, which should have the right to be/do/say what they like and live there lives how they see fit. How can 'say' the USofA say free speech is a right then remove the means to speak freely. ---yes we have free speech BUT i will cut out your tongue if you exercise that speech---

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