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EA Shuts Down Pandemic Studios, Cuts 200 Jobs 161

lbalbalba writes "Electronic Arts is shutting down its Westwood-based game developer Pandemic Studios just two years after acquiring it, putting nearly 200 people out of work. 'The struggling video game publisher informed employees Tuesday morning that it was closing the studio as part of a recently announced plan to eliminate 1,500 jobs, or 16% of its global workforce. Pandemic has about 220 employees, but an EA spokesman said that a core team, estimated by two people close to the studio to be about 25, will be integrated into the publisher's other Los Angeles studio, in Playa Vista.' An ex-developer for Pandemic attributed the studio's struggles to poor decisions from the management."
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Submission + - LED Backlit LCDs Ready for Mass Adoption

Phineas writes: Over the next few months the biggest thing in display news is going to be LED backlighting. This will be trickling into a few LCD televisions, monitors, and notebook computers for a while but eventually it will be adopted on a much larger. The first LED backlit notebooks are finally arriving and though they have yet to hit the mainstream some are appearing in a more reasonable price range, like Fujitsu's ultraportable P7230. From the article: "The display is small, even for an ultraportable, and at 10.6" (1280x768) it is smaller than that found on systems like Lenovo's X60s or Dell's D420. The closest comparison is probably Panasonic's R6 though Asus' U1 and some Sony TX models are not that far off. It is worth noting that the 10.6" display operates 1280x768 and most 12" models run at 1280x800 so while the screen is physically smaller, you are not losing that much screen real estate. The most interesting aspect of the display is that it uses an LED backlight, something that is relatively new to the scene, but will be gaining popularity quickly in the upcoming months. The use of an LED allows for considerable brightness, while keeping power demands to a minimum."

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